Explaining all GSK abilities in XDefiant teased so far

By Fariha Bhatti


Jun 11, 2024

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XDefiant has revealed a brand new faction coming to the game’s lineup. GSK are Rainbow Six Seige-inspired characters, and here’s all we know about their abilities.

On June 11, Ubisoft provided an update on their newest shooter, XDefiant, which has been making waves in the FPS community. The game is still relatively new but has already amassed millions of players. In May, XDefiant peaked at 700,000 concurrent players, proving just how popular it is among seasoned FPS players.

While players are already hooked on what XDefiant has to offer, Ubisoft has announced more content for the game coming in Season 1, including a brand new faction called GSK.

For those unaware, factions are groups in XDefiant, with separate abilities and specialties. Currently, the game has six factions and a seventh has been announced for XDefiant’s first-ever season on July 2.

All GSK abilities in XDefiant

GSK abilities in XDefiant

Ubisoft hasn’t officially released GSK abilities in XDefiant, but here’s what we have gleaned from the Season 1 trailer.

GSK is a group inspired by Rainbow Six Seige 6 clan GSG-9. Naturally, the abilities teased are also quite similar to existing operators in RS6. In the trailer, characters can be seen supporting a Riot shield (Blitz sheild in RS6), and are also equipped with C4-like utility.

This means that GSK characters might have a strong shield and a special weapon that they can use when they have the shield. This shield might work like the GSG-9 shield and have flash charges that can be used to blind the enemy. Even though this sounds very strong, there might be some limits on how often the flashes can be used or how far they can reach. Also, the Blitz shield weapon might not be very strong on its own.

To top it all, Blitz shield is an ultimate, so players can’t really spam-use it throughout the round, which makes it slightly less scary and situational.

Another ability is likely RS6’s Active Defense System, commonly known as ADS. This is simply a device that can be used to intercept grenades before they detonate. Since it technically disables incoming attacks, it can be extremely handy in protecting an objective or a teammate.

As of now, it’s tough to tell how the ability with the C4 icon works, but GSK sounds like a group focused more on defense and passive play. Players can see the clan first-hand when Season 1 releases on July 2.


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