Excel building new Valorant team around G2 Esports’ Davidp

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Excel Esports is set to join the Valorant esports circuit according to Esportmaniacos. The team is reportedly built around former G2 Esports in-game leader David “Davidp” Prins. The Belgian has been under contract with G2 Esports since his benching in December 2020, but is currently allowed to negotiate with other teams.

Excel has not been a part of the Valorant scene so far, but the European-based organization is reportedly looking at an international lineup for its first dip into competitive Valorant. Esportmaniacos reported full lineup to surround Davidp which includes a number of familiar faces.

The team will consist of three players from the amateur squad Almost International including Morgan “B1GGY” Madour, Harry “DPS” MacGill, and Danila “Sunset” Soloviov. The fifth and final player is reportedly support player Oscar “ozzy” Scott.  B1GGY, DPS and Sunset all have some sort of Counter Strike roots while ozzy is more known for his Apex Legends career. 

From the players’ previous matches, many of them have played support roles on Omen and Brimstone while DPS seems to be a proficient Sova player. The team may also still has Davidp captain the team as he is easily the most experienced played on the roster. Every player leaked has had some experience playing at the highest level in Valorant. While Davidp is the most accomplished, the other players are nothing to scoff at.

While the team may not look like an immediate contender, Davidp and company seem to have a high individual skill ceiling. They may be a team to watch coming into the second Valorant Champions Tour event, especially as Europe continues to run an upset-heavy best-of-one format.