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Ex-G2 CEO called out for misleading HasanAbi clip

By Nicholas James


Feb 23, 2023

Reading time: 3 min

Ex-G2 CEO Carlos “Ocelote” Rodriguez caught some heated attention after posting a misleading clip of Twitch streamer Hasan “HasanAbi” Piker in which he appeared to defend accused sex trafficker Andrew Tate.

Ocelote was once the face of European esports titan G2 Esports. After he posted a video of himself partying with controversial figure Andrew Tate and doubled down on defending it, he was removed from his position in G2. Since then, Ocelote has steadily been more and more willing to spark outrage with various comments and actions.

Recently, he posted an intentionally misleading clip of HasanAbi in which the Twitch streamer seemed to be defending Andrew Tate, the exact opposite of what he was doing.

G2 CEO posts misleading HasanAbi clip

On February 21, 2023, Ocelote posted a video clip to Twitter of HasanAbi speaking about Andrew Tate’s imprisonment. In the portion of the video that Ocelote posted, Hasan said, “I just want more information to come out. I think it is a human rights violation what they’re doing to Andrew Tate. I’ll come out and say it.”

This clip would seem wildly unusual to anybody familiar with Hasan’s previous stances on Tate, so why would he suddenly change his tune?


The truth is that he didn’t, and that the clip posted by Ocelote is intentionally edited to only show part of what Hasan said. In the full clip, what Hasan is saying comes off clearly as sarcasm, setting up a joke at Tate’s expense. The massive Twitch streamer quickly caught what Ocelote had done and responded with a clip of the full video.

HasanAbi calls out Ocelote

In the full video, the section of Hasan’s speech posted by Rodriguez is just the set up for a joke about Tate being bald.

“I just want more information to come out, I think it is a human rights violation what they’re doing to Andrew Tate. I’ll come out and say it. All things considered, the fact that they won’t let him shave his f—ing head, I mean, dude, come on. Actually, I’m a disability advocate as you guys know, I’m a disability activist as you guys know. And one of the things I obviously consider as a disability is the follically challenged community and I think it’s vile that this follically challenged man…”

The Twitch streamer responded to Ocelote’s Twitter post with the full transcript, saying that “the full context is a bit different I fear.”

At first, Ocelote defended the misleading clipping by saying that he hadn’t edited the clip himself, instead posting the clip already made by another account. However, shortly after Hasan had responded to Ocelote’s tweet, he changed his tone.

In response to Hasan’s clarification, Ocelote retweeted the clip with the caption: “nvm he’s still a dog c—.”

This would imply that Ocelote had briefly been convinced by the fake clipping, assuming that the massive Twitch streamer had suddenly pivoted on a dime to defend Tate.

Despite his association with Tate and subsequent doubling down resulting in the loss of his CEO position with G2 and massive public backlash, Ocelote has only further committed. Much of his social media feed in recent weeks has been retweeting content that paints his removal from G2’s CEO position as an injustice. He also retweets posts that claim that Andrew Tate’s arrest in Romania and charges of sex trafficking are false, trumped up to discredit an honest man.

There seems to be no intent of going back on his support of Tate, instead leaning further and further into the conspiracy-minded explanations for the ex-kickboxer’s arrest.