Everything you need to know about the Summer Steam Game Festival

Olivia Richman • June 17, 19:09

The Steam Game Festival: Summer Edition has arrived, and it’s full of game demos, live streams, and developer chats. 

The week-long digital event, which takes place between June 16 and June 22, is a celebration of upcoming Steam titles. And there’s a lot to choose from. There are currently over 900 demos available during the Steam Game Festival. 

Many of the games’ developers will also be available to answer questions, take part in Reddit AMAs, and provide developer interviews. Check out the full schedule here to see which developers will be on Reddit or Discord to answer questions about their newest title. The Steam Game Festival page also features live broadcasts of developers playing their games. 

Here are some featured demos to check out. 

Cake Bash

Cake Bash Steam Game Festival

Cake Bash is four-player party game where people “beat the crumbs out of each other” with custom designed pastries. There are different goals in each battle arena, as well as minigames where you roast marshmallows and pie frosting. You can also win over bakery customers in Get Tasty. You can find challengers online or play with friends locally on the same screen. 


Build robots that serve the needs of helpless, squishy humans in this “wholesome” sandbox game. Choose from a variety of parts to bring a machine to life, choosing how they move and operate. And don’t forget the cosmetics, which include wild hats and googly eyes. 

Dark Prospect

Dark Prospect Steam Game

Dark Prospect is a FPS-RTS hybrid that features PvP 4v1 battles. Play as a soldier to cooperate with a team and act tactically. Find better weapons, equipment, and resources to protect your team against hordes of monsters controlled by another player or an AI. You can also play as an Overlord, assembling squads of monsters with various skills to trap and kill soldiers. There’s a search and destroy mode and a defend mode. 

Golden Light

This is a dark comedy horror game with a spooky atmosphere, randomized weapons, and things you can eat and throw including a bat head, fish head, meat apple, and a corrupted fetus. There’s a deep narrative and interesting main story with an original soundtrack, making your journey into the Meat Zone a little more enjoyable. 


Nuts Steam Game Festival

If you like tracking squirrel activity, Nuts is the game for you. With a camera, GPS, and surveying monitors, you’ll easily be able to research squirrels and report the fascinating findings back to your boss. This demo lets you explore the game’s mechanics and comes with a twist at the end. 


A mix of classic arcade games and futuristic elements, Breakpoint is a top-down score chaser where you use a variety of melee weapons to slice, crush, and blast your way through swarms of enemies. There are five different melee weapons, each with upgrades, to help you beat your friends’ top scores. You can also watch the best runs from people all over the world, learning secret techniques. 


Roki Steam Game Festival

Explore dark Scandanavian folklore and fairytales in Roki. Playing as a young girl named Tove searching for her brother, journey through icy woods, and meet an interesting cast of characters from Nordic tales. 

Iron Harvest

This steampunk-style RTS game is set in the 1920s and was inspired by the Polish artist Jakub Rozalski. You take control of a faction made up of diesel-fueled mechs, which you’ll use to take down incoming armies in explosive skirmishes. 


Liberated Steam Game Festival

The government is using invasive technology to control people in this cyberpunk comic book game. No longer able to tolerate the ongoing surveillance, a group called the Liberated have decided to fight back. In the demo, you’ll play from different characters’ perspectives, each with different views about the government and its rules. 


You are a bird on a skateboard. What more can be said?

Monster Prom 2: Monster Camp

Monster Prom Steam Game Festival

Monster Prom 2 is one of the world’s only multiplayer dating sims. This sequel brings its characters to summer camp and introduces a few new faces. There’s also an added element of magically mixed drinks. But one thing remains the same: You still can romance any character of your choosing, regardless of their monstrous nature. 

Exo One

This single-player exploration game makes you pilot of an alien craft capable of manipulating gravity as it soars throughout a variety of planets. Explore desolate alien landscapes, transforming between a sphere and a glider to get a better look at a variety of breathtaking atmospheres, all paired with a hypnotic electric guitar soundtrack. 


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