Everything you need to know about TFT Set 2 in Patch 9.22

By Melany Moncada


Nov 6, 2019

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Teamfight Tactics Set 2: Rise of the Elements is coming to the live server with Patch 9.22. It will mark the end of the ranked season and a new beginning for TFT players. Rise of the Elements is changing the game completely, starting with a new board and new synergies.

Rise of Elements also brings more flexibility to the game. In Patch 9.21, there were only three truly effective compositions in the game: Imperials, Brawlers, and Knight-Rangers. If the players found a counter to one of these compositions, it didn’t work against the others. The state of the game left no space for strategy or creativity and fell into a predictable pattern at the highest levels of play.

Set 2 allows players to follow new strategies without sticking to the same patterns every time. Some of the new units are created to be early-game winners and to encourage players to transition into other compositions late. There isn’t any one trait that overpowers the others and even the strongest traits have consistent counters.

TFT Rise of the Elements, new Elements, new Classes

Rise of the Elements is bringing new units with new elements and classes. Some units are returning in Set 2, but they’ve received significant changes.

The new elements are:

  • Crystal (2/4): Have maximum damage they can take from a single hit.
  • Desert (2/4): Reduces armor in the enemies.
  • Electric (2/3/4): Shock the enemies every time they receive or deal critical damage.
  • Glacial (2/4/6): One of the elements that returns from Set 1. Glacial units have a chance to stun the enemies.
  • Inferno (3/6/9): The spells from Inferno units burn the ground beneath the target. It deals a percentage of the spell’s damage as magic damage.
  • Light (3/6/9): When a Light unit dies, the surviving Light units are healed and gain attack speed.
  • Mountain (2): At the start of the fight, one random ally gets a 1500 health shield.
  • Ocean (2/4/6): All units regenerate mana every four seconds.
  • Poison (3): units increase the target’s mana cost by 50%.
  • Shadow (2/4): At the start of the fight, Shadow units deal increased damage for 5 seconds.
  • Steel (2/3/4): Steel units become immune for a few seconds when they get below 50% health.
  • Wind (2/3/4): All units gain dodge chance.
  • Woodland (3): At the start of the combat one Woodland unit makes a copy of itself.

The Classes for Set 2 are:

  • Alchemist (1): Alchemists never stop moving across the board.
  • Assassin (3/6): At the start, the Assassin units jump to the farthest enemy. Like the Assassins in Set 1, these units gains Critical Damage and Chance.
  • Avatar (1): The origin element is counted twice for trait bonuses.
  • Berserker (3/6): Opposite to the Assassin, Berserker units jump to the nearest enemy and have a chance to deal damage to multiple units in front of them.
  • Blademaster (2/4/6): Basic attacks have a chance to trigger additional attacks and work as did the Blademasters in Set 1.
  • Druid (2): Druids regenerate 40 health each second.
  • Mage (3/6): Mages are the reworked version of Set 1’s Sorcerer. Mages have a chance to twice cast their spells.
  • Mystic (2/4): All allies gain Magic Resistance.
  • Predator (3): Execute enemies they damage who are below 20% health.
  • Ranger (2/4/6): Rangers have chance to double their attack speed.
  • Summoner (3/6): Summoned units have increased health and duration.
  • Warden (2/4/6): Gain increased armor.

The exact stats and numbers will be determined once Patch 9.22 hits the live server.

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Set 2 added two special champion units, Qiyana and Lux. Qiyana is a three-cost Assassin and her element is determined by the board. Every game can have one of four elements: Inferno, Wind, Ocean, and Mountain. Every Qiyana unit will have the same element throughout the game, according to which element is present in that game.

Lux is a seven-cost unit with ten different variables. Lux is the rarest of the units and her secondary element is decided at random. Because Lux is so expensive, she counts as double for the elemental traits. For example, if the player has one Electric unit and adds one Electric Lux to the board, it would count as though they had three Electric units.

The items in Set 2 stay the same except for the ones that have a spatula component. These changes allow players to create new elements and some of the classes from the previous set.

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Best compositions in TFT Set 2

The Red Bull Rise of the Elements Invitational was the first TFT event organized by Riot Games. It gathered some of the most popular streamers and competitors in the world for a two-day competition. Team SoloMid’s Jang “Keane” Lae-young came out victorious with three consecutive wins in the final.

Throughout the event, players most prioritized Shadow, Light, and Rangers over other synergies. On his Imgur profile, TFT player and content creator for Team Liquid Brandon “saintvicious” DiMarco has shared some of the strongest compositions in Patch 9.22.

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Light and Ranger complement each other perfectly. The front line protects the Ranger but also provide extra stats when they die. The extra attack speed from the Light trait plus attack speed items and the innate attack speed from Rangers makes for more DPS than most compositions can withstand.

Another aspect to take into consideration are the Elemental Hex on the map. The first one appears after the first carousel and the second at 3-1. It’s important to work around this addition to the board so long as it doesn’t expose the player’s carries to the enemy units on the board. One mistake is to be too greedy for the extra stats that the hexes provide and risk the wrath of damage dealers.

Rise of the Elements Pass announced

To celebrate Set 2, Riot Games announced a special Rise of the Elements pass. It will be available for the entire length of Rise of the Elements so players have the opportunity to earn all of the rewards offered. The rewards include arena chromas, emotes, and little legends eggs.

Players can earn experience by completing the missions and through the Orb of Enlightenment that will recharge every three days. Rise of the Elements will also include large missions every other week. These missions will be available for an entire week so that players get the opportunity to complete it.

Rise of the Elements is available on the live server with Patch 9.22 on November 6.