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Everything we know about The Dragon Prince season 5

By William Davis


Feb 23, 2023

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Season 4 of The Dragon Prince ended on a cliffhanger for Callum and Rayla, but will season 5 ever come around to resolve it?

The Dragon Prince is an American animated fantasy adventure web television series created for Netflix by Aaron Ehasz and Justin Richmond. The show follows two human princes on a journey to return a magical egg to the Dragon Queen in order to restore balance between their peoples after a decade of war. With four successful seasons already behind it, fans anticipate an announcement for a follow-up early in 2023. However, the nearly three-year gap between announcements has fans worried. Is season 5 of The Dragon Prince on the horizon?

Will there be The Dragon Prince season 5?

The events of season 4 left fans wondering what was next for our beloved characters. As per rumors circulating around the internet, season 5 is currently in production, but there are no official announcements from Netflix yet. Considering that the last season was released in 2019, some type of announcement is likely to come sometime in 2023. However, that reveal could also be a disappointment if it details the series’ cancellation.

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If you’re looking forward to watching the potential fifth season of The Dragon Prince, then you can catch up on the story so far with the first four seasons on Netflix. All previous seasons are available for streaming. Each episode runs for about 25 minutes, so it’s fairly easy to watch the entire series in just a few weeks.

Dragon Prince season 5 potential release date

Despite fan requests, there has been no official confirmation from Netflix regarding the release date of The Dragon Prince season 5 as of February 2023. While the release date remains a mystery, one thing is certain: the show will continue to deliver its signature blend of fantasy, adventure, and heartwarming stories that make it so special. Any news on a potential release date for The Dragon Prince season 5 will likely be released through Netflix or Aaron Ehasz’s social media pages.

What happened in The Dragon Prince season 4?

In terms of plot, season 4 picks up directly where season 3 ended off with Rayla leading Callum and Ezran into Xadia in order to save Zym from his father, Viren. The abusive parental figure had used dark magic against his own son in order to gain control over him. Along the way, they come across various obstacles such as an alliance with dragons and mermaids, a mysterious bridge guardian, and even an old friend turned enemy. Events culminate when Viren unleashes an ancient being called Azymondias, which leads Callum to make an emotional choice that impacts not only himself but also the fate of all humanity.

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Season 4 has seen some major character development, especially when it comes to Callum, who struggles between owning up to his mistakes while also trying to save his family from destruction. Meanwhile, Rayla faces her own challenges as she deals with her past while struggling against Viren’s forces. As the season progresses, Ezran finds himself lost between his brotherly duties and facing his destiny as King of Katolis.

Now that season 4 has had plenty of time to settle, fans are looking forward to finding out how our heroes will continue their journey in season 5. We know that Callum will be taking on powerful dark magic users like Viren while also dealing with his newfound powers obtained at the end of season 4. Rayla will have her hands full trying to protect Zym from further manipulation by Viren, while Ezran seeks answers about the mysterious power he is now known to possess. The only way to learn for sure is by waiting for an official announcement from Netflix or Aaron Ehasz.


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