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All we know about Saw X — Jigsaw return, release date, plot

By Olivia Richman


Jun 12, 2023

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Are you a fan of Jigsaw and his demented traps? You’re in luck — Saw X is coming to theaters this Halloween season. But without an official trailer, some horror fanatics are left wanting to know more. So here’s everything we know about Saw X so far.

The Saw franchise has become more and more twisted, with the story behind Jigsaw himself becoming a lot more complex. What started as Jigsaw simply creating traps for victims he felt were deserving of torture and needed to learn a painful lesson has quickly become a web of twists and turns. He’s hired prodigies (some of which didn’t do the traps as he intended) and also captured doctors to do life-saving surgery on him.

Fans of the bloody slasher are now wondering what more could happen and what kind of traps lay ahead.

When is Saw X coming to theaters?

Saw X will be coming to theaters on October 27, 2023.

While it’s been a bit of time since the last Saw movie came out, you may remember that Saw movies always come out around Halloween. It makes sense!

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What is the plot of Saw X?

Unfortunately, there’s no trailer for Saw X so far. But we have some hints as to what slasher fans can expect come October 27.

What we do know is that the film is set to take place between Saw and Saw II. This is a great way to bring Saw back to its roots before Jigsaw passed away and his legacy had to be continued by Detective Hoffman, a secret apprentice.

People who miss the original serial killer will be pleased to know that John Kramer (aka the OG Jigsaw) is confirmed to be back in Saw X. Lionsgate has stated that actor Tobin Bell will return as the studio aims to “capture everything Saw fans love about the franchise while also keeping them guessing with all-new traps and a new mystery to solve.”

On Letterboxd, a small description states that the plot will revolve around a “corrupted doctor” who is selling miracle treatments to desperate people. To teach him a lesson, the doctor will be trapped in a “decaying hospital” and forced to play Jigsaw’s “brand new game.”

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Who is John Kramer?

John Kramer is the real name of Jigsaw, a calculated serial killer that created twisted traps that force victims to make brutal choices if they want to live.

Jigsaw communicated with his victims by using Billy the Puppet, a creepy ventriloquist dummy with signature red swirls on its cheeks. He usually left video tapes or audio recordings for his victims to listen to. They would include the reason they were chosen to be put in the trap and then let them know exactly how to get out.

The way to escape was always painful and horrific, leaving many victims to choose death instead of inflicting pain on themselves or others. But those who escaped would often feel they learned a lesson and some even claimed that they were indebted to Jigsaw for opening their eyes to their faults.

Before becoming Jigsaw, Kramer was a civil engineer and husband. His life fell apart when his wife miscarried and the two divorced. He then found out he was dying from cancer. He attempted to kill himself but then later realized he was lucky to be alive.

This led to him deciding to give the same opportunity to criminals, liars, and other people that he felt needed to be taught a lesson about life.

Who is Amanda Young?

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Another confirmed character in Saw X is Amanda Young, played by Shawnee Smith. She is a drug addict who first appeared in the original film.

After surviving the iconic reverse bear trap, Smith realized that she needed to value her own life a lot more. This made her obsessed with Jigsaw, eventually becoming his apprentice in Saw II.

But in Saw III, fans noticed that the traps were not escapable. Jigsaw always ensured that victims could escape with their lives if they so choose (although they’d maybe come out of it with less eyes or fingers), leaving fans confused. The twist? Smith was making traps that were inescapable, and she was forced to pay with her own life.

It will be interesting to see how her relationship is portrayed with Jigsaw in Saw X, which will take place while she’s most likely still his hopeful apprentice.


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