Everything to know about the Destiny drama with Bob7, Kaceytron

By Olivia Richman


Jan 18, 2021

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Twitch streamers Kaceytron and Steven Kenneth “Destiny” Bonnell II are currently beefing after fellow streamer Bob7 released a large document outlining Destiny’s toxic behavior towards women. 

It all started in January when Destiny accused Bob7 of sharing women’s intimate and revealing photos without their consent. Many women jumped in to support Destiny at the time, continuing to accuse Bob7 of manipulating and lying to women. Bob7 immediately shot back that the accusations were false, claiming that Destiny did it to “cancel” him and “ruin my life.” 

Destiny’s alleged plan would seem to have worked, as Bob7 admitted to losing a job over the allegations in a TwitLonger posted on January 15. In the same TwitLonger, Bob7 included a link to a 39-page document outlining some serious allegations against Destiny that included abuse and manipulation. 

Bob7 shared videos of Destiny expressing his hate for Bob7 and appearing “jealous” of the attention he was receiving from female fans. The document also contained audio recordings and screenshots that Bob7 said showcased Destiny’s purposeful mission to get Bob7 canceled through allegations that Bob7 addressed and denied throughout the document. 

It became clear that Destiny was highly manipulative and emotionally abusive. It was very problematic for him that I talked about this with Melina, Boze, and eventually Peachachoo, three of his closest friends. These are three people that all considered disengaging with him to an extent because of me talking about his behavior. Destiny HATED me for this. I was in the way of him manipulating these girls,” Bob7 stated in the document

The drama has been ongoing in a back-and-forth mess of accusations. And it’s got the attention of other big streamers, including Kaceytron. 

Kaceytron and Destiny continue to fight over accusations, drama

In a live stream, Bob7 shared his document and further explained his accusations regarding what happened with Destiny in more detail. He explained how the women Destiny talked to were manipulated into believing the popular streamer and even tricked into not talking to one another so they weren’t able to share experiences and realize what Destiny was allegedly doing. Bob7 also noted that the situation was kept secret from him so he was struggling to even understand what he was being accused of at the time. 

“I can’t express how fucked up it was what was being done to these girls. One of my friends even broke down crying to me, telling me how pressured she was to push the narrative and go along with these lies,” Bob7 said. 

During the live stream, Twitch streamer Kaceytron jumped into the chat to say his situation was true. She said she could back up what Bob7 was saying. 

The Twitch community at large felt that Kaceytron was the most trustworthy of all the people involved in the ongoing drama since it was difficult to decide whether to believe Bob7 or Destiny. Her opinion on the situation became even more trusted when she released a document regarding the situation. 

In the document, Kaceytron explained that she was part of the chat between Destiny and a handful of women who were discussing Bob7’s alleged manipulation and leaking of nudes. One of the other women in the group was Boze, a streamer that Kaceytron didn’t trust after she’d seen her engaging in “shady” behaviors in the past. Kaceytron said that she was put off at how “elated” Boze sounded in the chat as she told all the girls “these awful things that Bob allegedly said about them.” 

But Kaceytron also felt uncomfortable about the situation because of Destiny’s involvement. 

“On the voice call that I had with Boze and Peachachoo, Destiny was also listening in the background with Melina on Boze’s end and chimed in a couple of times as well. I felt it was completely out of Destiny’s place to go public with this information to begin with. The other four girls were never made aware that it would be made public on Destiny’s stream and had to learn on /r/LiveStreamFails,” Kaceytron explained. 

Kaceytron went on to say that she has attempted to remain neutral about the drama but has felt the need to come forward with her experience. She said that her intention isn’t to discredit what the women may have gone through since she believes that “there are faults on Bob’s side.” She just wanted the situation to be handled privately. 

This is something Kaceytron has continued to say on Twitter as well. 

Destiny and streaming community respond to Kaceytron drama

The streaming community has become aware of Kaceytron continuing to “insert herself” into the drama by making comments on Twitter whenever the situation is brought up. And Destiny hasn’t stayed silent as Kaceytron continued to discuss her frustration with the situation. 

Destiny said in a recent stream that Kaceytron is “caught up in a lot of lies” and he wants to set the record straight. 

“I want to make things clear because she’s already fucked up super hard,” Destiny ranted.

He pointed out that Kaceytron created her document just two days after his stream, which was before Bob7 had even released his own 39-page manifesto. It was also before Boze had made a public statement about anything. While it’s possible that Kaceytron simply started the document in response to Destiny and later reshaped the document to reflect new information, Destiny said he believes she had been working with Bob7 the entire time. 

“It’s because she coordinated this with Bob,” Destiny said. “The idea that they weren’t working together is absolutely impossible. Why would she start this document without knowing that Bob was going to make the Boze part such a big part of his own statement?” 

For now, Destiny and Bob7 have continued to go back and forth with their accusations, both ultimately accusing each other of similar things and both denying the allegations made against themselves. After sharing a nearly 40-page document with screenshots, Bob7 continues to share more proof of his innocent on Twitter. 

Destiny is no stranger to drama. Last year, Destiny lost his Twitch partnership for “encouraging violence” against protesters. Earlier this year, Destiny stood up for Carson “CallMeCarson” King, stating that it wasn’t a big deal if the streamer aged 19 was flirting with underaged girls. The Bob7 is just another instance of Destiny loudly sharing his opinion on a situation, except this time it’s possible that he may have unfairly dragged other people into the drama if Bob7 is to be believed. 


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