Everything new in Teamfight Tactics: Neon Nights

By Nicholas James


Feb 1, 2022

Reading time: 3 min

Teamfight Tactics: Neon Lights has begun to have its embargos drop, and a ton of new traits, units, and mechanics are being revealed.

With multiple brand new traits, tons of new champions, and a bevy of Hextech Augments, there are lots of changes for TFT fans to get excited about. The full details for the Neon Nights expansion were revealed early on January 1 ahead of an expected PBE release the next day.

Teamfight Tactics: Neon Nights brings 20 new units

There are four new traits in Neon Nights, with several traits getting changed along the way. Altogether there are 20 new units coming to Teamfight Tactics: Neon Nights. Here’s a basic breakdown of all the mid-set updates.

Say goodbye to a long list of units including Akali, Lux, Yone, Yuumi, and Urgot. The new traits are Hextech, Debonair, Striker, Mastermind, and Rival.

Hextech emits a pulse from your Hextech Augment token every few seconds, granting Hextech champions a shield and magic damage on-hit while they have the shield. Debonair borrows from previous set TFT: Fates by adding the Debonair VIP, which mirrors Fated. As long as you don’t have a Debonair VIP, you can roll one in your shop. VIPs are two-star Debonair units that give a different VIP bonus depending on which champion is your VIP.

Strikers add extra attack damage and hit supremely hard with new units like Jarvan IV and Irelia. Socialite is losing Taric but will gain two new units in Gnar and Senna. Sister is being replaced with Rival, so players will want to field Vi and Jinx separately, rather than together.

New units in TFT mid-set update

There is also a long list of new units arriving in the game with the new update. The new support champion, Renata Glasc is a 4-cost Chemtech Scholar who poisons enemies for the entire combat. Renata will allow players to enable Scholar with only her and Lissandra in Chemtech compositions.

Silco is a 5-cost Scholar with the unique trait Mastermind. Mastermind gives units in front of Silco extra mana at the start of the round, and his ability sends them into a Shimmer-induced frenzy. Silco’s ability buffs the lowest health unit on his board before making them explode and die, dealing magic damage.

The other new champion, Zeri, is arriving as a Debonair Sniper. Zeri is a 5-cost with an incredibly powerful VIP power. When Zeri uses her ultimate, her attacks become electrified and pierce through enemies for the rest of combat. VIP Zeri sounds like a staggeringly powerful unit able to solo carry games in the vein of Kai’Sa or Viktor.

Scouting and Augment changes in TFT

There are over 80 new Hextech Augments in the new set according to YouTuber Necrit, who got to play the new build of Teamfight Tactics early.

Some of the sample Augments that Necrit listed included making your entire team immune to crowd control for 12 seconds, granting a golden and grey loot orb, abilities being able to critically strike, and a massive boost to your Tactician’s health.

The long list of new champions promises to keep Teamfight Tactics fresh, and the design team is leaning hard into the success of Gadgets and Gizmos. The first half of Teamfight Tactics’ sixth set has been a massive success, and Riot Games is embracing the hit mechanic of Hextech Augments. Teamfight Tactics: Neon Nights will release half way through February after the standard two weeks of testing on the Public Beta Environment.

Fans wanting to try out the new set can sign up for PBE as long as they have a level 30 League of Legends account with Honor level 3 or higher.


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