Every Ancient skin from CSGO’s new Operation Broken Fang

By Nick Johnson


Dec 8, 2020

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Valve borrowed heavily from previous skin cases for Operation Broken Fang’s new collections, and we’ve got them all here in high-resolution.

Spend a little bit of time looking through Broken Fang’s Case collections and players might start to notice a theme. A carbon-fiber skin here or an Aztec look-alike there, and players might think that Valve simply edited older skin textures to apply them to different weapons. In some instances, that might actually be the case. It’s not particularly difficult for an experienced texture modeler to create something as beautiful as the Broken Fang’s AWP | Fade. But Operation Broken Fang’s cases do have some very nice skins in its collections that should keep players grinding away until the operation’s inevitable end.

What skins are in CSGO’s Broken Fang Ancient collection?

This collection is themed around one of Broken Fang’s community maps called Ancient, an Aztec look-alike that had old school players jumping with excitment when the first frames of the Operation’s announcement trailer started to play. Even though Ancient isn’t exactly Aztec, all of its collection’s skins are set within the same same jungle theme with a similar tropical color pallate. From the AK-47 | Panthera onca to the Tec-9 | Blast From the Past, the entire collection brings back memories of the rainy defusal map that hasn’t been seen since its removal in November 2017.

What CSGO weapons can players get from Ancient’s common drops?

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  • XM1014 | Ancient Lore
  • CZ75 | Silver
  • MAC-10 | Gold Brick

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  • AUG | Carved Jade
  • Tec-9 | Blast From the Past
  • P2000 | Panther Camo

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  • SSG 08 | Jungle Dashed
  • MP7 | Tall Grass

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  • R8 Revolver | Night
  • P90 | Ancient Earth
  • SG 553 | Lush Ruins

What are Broken Fang’s best Ancient Collection skins?

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  • USPS | Ancient Visions
  • P90 | Run and Hide

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  • FAMAS | Dark Water
  • Galil AR | Dusk Ruins

Ancient Collection invokes “From Aztec, with love” with two rarest CSGO skins

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Last but not least, two of CSGO’s most-used weapons take their place at the top of the Ancient collection’s loot table with the sharp AK-47 Panthera onca with its classic AK-47 | Jaguar Vibes alongside the collection’s only classified skin, the M4A1-S | Welcome to the Jungle.

Ancient is a snazzy collection for Broken Fang that takes many pages out of CSGO’s long history, so even the more common skins are worth grabbing for collections. As with all of Broken Fang’s skin collections,  the textures are snappy and clear and would make a great addition to any CSGO inventory.


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