ESL Carmac chides Gaules for leaf cheating accusations

Nick Johnson • August 6, 20:57

ESL vice president of pro gaming Michal “Carmac” Blicharz has publically stated that it “wasn’t appropriate” for long-term ESL partners to accuse players of cheating, according to a tweet from his official Twitter account.

The comment comes weeks after Alexandre “Gaules” Borba accused Chaos Esport Club rifler Nathan “leaf” Orf of cheating in Chaos’ match against MIBR at CS Summit 6. Gaules, ESL’s official restream partner, paused the live stream to reply clips from leaf while publically accusing the 16-year-old player of cheating. The response from Gaules’ viewers was swift and brutal, with many sending death threats to leaf over social media. The problem eventually became so severe that leaf was forced to delete his Twitter account.

While Gaules publically apologized for the actions of his viewers, the apology lacked any claim of personal responsibility for the fact that his actions had such an impact on leaf.

Now, ESL seems to have clarified its stance on the issue ahead of the final North American Regional Ranking tournament, IEM New York. With Gaules set to host the official Brazilian restream, Blicharz made it clear that Gaules’ actions weren’t appropriate for an ESL partner, whether they were said on stream or not.

Read more about Gaule’s original accusations and apology right here.

Restream partners are often used by tournament organizers to stream and commentate on official broadcasts in their native languages. This broadens the reach of the tournament and raises the profile of the streamer, but according to Blicharz, Gaules’ actions crossed a line that ESL doesn’t want to see crossed again.

Gaules will most likely stream this weekend’sDreamHack Open 2020 as Brazilian teams FURIA, Yeah Gaming, and Team One are all in attendance. While the only way for fellow DreamHack attendee Chaos to meet a Brazilian team is if they make it to the grand finals, Chaos and leaf won’t be forgetting the threats that were made any time soon.


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