Epic Games reveals new prize pool details for the Blackheart Cup

By Olivia Richman


Mar 22, 2019

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While the Scallywag Cup may have just ended, another Fortnite tournament is already on the near horizon.

Epic Games has announced the full details of this weekend’s Blackheart Cup an online tournament.

The Blackheart Cup begins on March 23, pitting the top three percent of players in the world pulled from the Gauntlet Test Events. On March 24, the top 3,000 players in each region will compete in the grand finals.

The top three percent of Gauntlet Test Event players are determined based on a points system. Victory Royales are worth three points, with the potential for 10 total points per game. Each elimination is worth one additional point. A player’s score is reduced by two points in the form of “bus tolls” every time they enter a new match.

The rules mirror those of the $100,000 Scallywag Cup, but the prize pool is different.

North America and Europe have a larger prize pool this time around, taken from the smaller regions like Brazil, Oceania, and Asia. North American players will now receive money up to 30th place, compared to last weekend’s 25th, and Europe will award players up to 120th place.

The North American East region saw the largest prize pool gain, a 22 percent increase. First place in the region will now receive $2,500, second through fifth places are looking at $1,500, and sixth through 10th will be rewarded $1,000. North American East players finishing in 61st through 90th will get $100 each.

Oceania was the region that lost the highest percentage of the prize pool, as players will now receive 48 percent less of the overall amount on offer.

Players must be at last 13 years old to be eligible for the Blackheart Cup. This time around, players must also have a minimum account level of 15.


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