Epic Games publishes public roadmap of upcoming store features

By Rebekah Drake


Mar 20, 2019

Reading time: 1 min

Developer Epic Games has released a publicly available roadmap for the progress of its digital game storefront.

The roadmap includes a list of upcoming features, timeframes, and other information on any critical issues that the team are working on. It was published using digital organizational tool Trello.

Epic Games recently announced the roadmap on the company’s blog, providing a link to the English-language board. The main section of the board is separated into five categories that include short, medium, and long-term upcoming feature developments, features that don’t yet have an approximate time frame established, and patch notes for the store providing information on any implemented changes.

The near-term list shows features that are planned to be released over the next three months. While some updates are just small quality of life changes such as improved patch sizing, more substantial new features can also be found. Cloud saves, for example, are planned to arrive in May. Video hosting is set to arrive shortly before that, with a target date of April.

Features listed within the mid-term section on Trello don’t have target months attached to them, but should all be arriving within the next six months. Epic plans to introduce further payment systems during this time frame and to allow purchases to be completed with Australian dollars. Epic Games will also enable users to leave reviews on purchased games.

While there are plenty of things for the development team to work on over the next six months, there are even more roadmapped updates listed for the longer term.

Achievements are set to be implemented at some point in the future, though there aren’t any detailed plans yet provided on how exactly this will work. Shopping additions such as a working cart function and player-to-player gifting are also planned for the future, as is a fully operational storefront for Android users.