Elden Ring patch 1.12 released ahead of hotly-anticipated DLC

By Fariha Bhatti


Jun 20, 2024

Reading time: 2 min

Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree DLC is less than a day away, but Bandai Namco has rolled out a new update to prime the game for DLC. Here’s what’s new in Elden Ring patch 1.12.

Elden Ring’s upcoming DLC is expected to take the gaming world by storm as streamers announce their marathons to beat the game. The game will finally release Miquella from his brother’s clutches, entering the Shadow Lands, where he will join forces with other warriors to defeat Messmer the Impaler.

But, before the players can begin playing the DLC on June 21st, they must defeat Radahn and Mohg in Elden Ring. The new patch sets the base for Shadow of the Erdtree DLC by introducing crucial updates.

What’s in Elden Ring patch 1.12?

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Here’s every notable update in Elden Ring patch 1.12:

  • Added support for the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC
  • Five new hairstyles have been added to the game
  • Individual Summoning Pools can now be enabled/disabled in the newly added Map Functions Menu
  • A new tab called “Recent Items” has been added to review recently obtained items
  • Added a new feature to summon spectral steed during the Elden Beast the boss battle.

Players now have five new hairstyles to choose from to customize their characters in the game. These hairstyles can be selected during character creation or accessed later through in-game features like the Clouded Mirror Stand and Rennala’s Rebirth, giving players the freedom to customize their avatars throughout their journey.

Another significant update is the revamped Summoning Pool system. Players can now easily manage individual Summoning Pools using the newly added Map Functions Menu. This feature allows for greater control over multiplayer interactions, ensuring a more tailored experience.

Additionally, the update enhances inventory management with practical new features. Newly acquired items are now marked with a “!“ for easy identification, and a dedicated “Recent Items” tab has been introduced to conveniently review recently obtained gear. These improvements streamline gameplay by providing clearer inventory oversight and faster access to newly acquired items.

You can now summon Torrent against Elden Beast

While the new patch is surely game-altering, the most notabel update is Torrent becoming more accessible during the Elden Beast boss fight.

Elden Beast is the final boss in the game, so he’s naturally difficult to beat. This is mostly because of his massive health bar and movement. At any point, the boss will move to the other side of the arena, which is quite expansive. Now, players can use the spectral seed to summon Torrent, which is an in-game ride, to chase the Elden Beast.