Elden Ring DLC getting negative reviews on Steam, here’s why

By Fariha Bhatti


Jun 24, 2024

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Elden Ring: Shadow of Erdtree DLC is finally here, and a good chunk of the souls-like fanbase has also beaten the DLC. The verdict is that it is too hard to be fun.

Soulslike games are known for their high difficulty, requiring precise timing and strategy. They often feature punishing combat where even minor mistakes can lead to severe consequences. These games typically lack hand-holding, providing minimal guidance or tutorials. The same was the case for Elden Ring, which was often hailed as one of the most difficult RPGs.

On June 21, FromSoftware released the highly anticipated Elden Ring DLC, “Shadow of Erdtree.” However, many players are choosing to skip it due to its extreme difficulty. Despite the initial hype, the DLC has received mixed reviews, currently standing at 45% on Steam. Many reviewers share the sentiment that it is unreasonably hard.

“There are games that are hard, then there are games that are not fun. This DLC is not fun,” a player said.

Is Elden Ring DLC too hard?

Fans of Soulslike games think Elden Ring DLC bosses are overpowered and are almost unbeatable. Here’s why.

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Soulslike games typically have bosses that take multiple tries to get beaten, but fans think Elden Ring DLC is in a league of its own when it comes to game difficulty. This is likely due to the pace at which a boss attacks in the DLC. In the previous game, while bosses were extremely powerful and had a high damage rate, they moved slowly and attacked at a balanced rate. This allowed players to familiarize themselves with the enemy and come back prepared.

This is not the case in Shadow of Erdtree, where the bosses can be unbelievably relentless in their attacks. For example, Bayle and Commander Gaius are massive, but their mobility is the same as that of any other smaller enemy. With incessant attacks and them charging into the player model, it can be tricky to beat them strategically. Most importantly, players barely get a chance to heal mid-fight.

Elden Ring DLC is particularly difficult for players who are low-leveled. Some bosses may become less annoying if you have a high-level build and have collected a good amount of Skadutree, which is a new upgrade material used to boost offensive and defensive capabilities. However, players with max Scadutree are also complaining about having a tough time against the final boss, who can be tricky to visual pollution.

While Elden Ring DLC is surely difficult, it’s unfair to review a game based on how it plays in a speed run. It’s best to tackle overpowered bosses after exploring the game, gaining experience, and gradually boosting your level over time.  


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