E3 2022

E3 2022 has allegedly been completely canceled, but why?

By Olivia Richman


Mar 31, 2022

Reading time: 1 min

E3 has traditionally been one of the biggest gaming industry events around the globe, but it has been running into some snags recently.

E3 was set to be a virtual event in 2022, similar to how it was run in 2021. Last year, E3 was hosted online by the Entertainment Software Association after skipping 2020 completely. The virtual E3 was nowhere near as hype as it was in previous years, and now it seems there won’t even be an online E3 in 2022.

E3 takes place in June each year, but it looks like this summer will be without the gaming event, according to Razer’s Will Powers.

Is E3 2022 canceled?

Powers shared on Twitter that E3’s digital event for this year is likely canceled, meaning that not even a virtual event will take place. Powers tweeted that he received an official email on the matter.

An Xbox employee asked Powers if E3 was canceled completely or if this just meant there were no plans for an in-person E3 event. Powers responded that it was “canceled canceled,” meaning that E3 2022 wasn’t going to happen at all, according to the email he received.

The apparent decision wasn’t met with much complaining from the gaming community, with some noting that Xbox has its own event in June regardless. Sony has also been absent from the past few E3 events, another reason fans haven’t been as anxiously awaiting E3 as they once might have been.

The Entertainment Software Association has not made any official statement on the alleged E3 cancelation.


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