DWG KIA defends top spot in LoL team ranking, LPL closes in

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The second League of Legends team ranking of 2021 is here and a lot has changed in the last two weeks. 

Defending world champion DWG KIA is still sitting at the top of the ranking, but several teams from the LPL are closing in on them. The same goes for Gen.G who has surpassed Cloud9 and is now placed as the second-best team in the world according to the rankings. Besides that, other new teams have crawled their way into the top 10 and are looking to climb even further. 

WIN LoL team ranking

DWG KIA remains the best team in the world

DWG KIA is still topping the LoL team ranking. Korea’s top team started out the season well and are currently at the top of the LCK. The team had a slight slip-up against Fredit BRION, but that wasn’t enough for other teams to dethrone them. 

Despite changes in the top lane for the 2021 season, DWG KIA still looks like the clear favorite to win the LCK. Defending the 2020 summer split trophy will once again solidify DWG KIA as the best team in the world, but there is still a long way to go. Until then, DWG KIA will have to keep up the pace in order to keep its spot at the top. 

Top Esports, FunPlus Phoenix fighting for top-three status 

The Chinese teams from the LPL are still heavily represented in the top 10 but are yet to break into the top three. Both Top Esports and FunPlus Phoenix are fighting to surpass G2 Esports to reach the top three, and they’ve been quickly bridging the gap. 

The two LPL giants are both on a great winning streak and improving from game to game. Top Esports has the edge though, mainly because of its performance during 2020 where mid laner Zhuo “knight” Ding and the rest of the squad completely outperformed FPX. The two teams will clash on February 6, which might have a big impact on their rankings.

Top Esports

Team Liquid crawling up the rankings after LCS Lock In

LCS was heavily represented in the first ranking of 2021, but this week’s ranking only has the LCS Lock In finalists ranked in the top 10. With Evil Geniuses and TSM knocked out of the top 10, Team Liquid and Cloud9 now remain as the only North American teams. 

Team Liquid has surpassed Cloud9 in the rankings after winning the LCS Lock In, and rightfully so. Team Liquid took down C9 in the finals in a five-game thriller, edging them out to become the on-paper strongest team in the LCS. 

Whether Team Liquid will climb up further is hard to tell, as it requires them to continue their momentum when the 2021 LCS Spring Season kicks off on February 5. If not, there are plenty of strong teams right behind them to take over the sixth-place spot on the ranking. 


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