DWG KIA and RNG in clash for first place in LoL team rankings

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The two 2021 Mid-Season Invitational finalists are in a close race at the top of the latest League of Legends team rankings. 

After a hectic MSI final, DWG KIA and the MSI winner Royal Never Give Up continue to fight. This time it’s in our team ranking, where the two are naturally claiming the top spots after a successful first international event of 2021. Even though RNG came out ahead and won the MSI trophy, it’s still the reigning champions DWG KIA that tops the ranking. But it’s getting very close. 

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Can RNG catch DWG KIA on the LoL team ranking?

Entering the summer split, DWG KIA is still topping the ranking but now with little room to breathe. After an impressive performance by RNG at the MSI final, DWG KIA is closer than ever to dropping out of the first-place spot on the ranking. All it would take is a slow start to the LCK season while RNG continues its momentum in the LPL. 

After many games at the MSI, there’s also a chance that both teams will slow down a bit during the first weeks of the summer split. This will potentially give room for other teams to climb the ranking, but with DWG KIA and RNG expected to close out their respective splits strong. After the performance at MSI, there is no doubt that RNG will be the favorites to win the LPL while DWG KIA is expected to continue dominating the Korean scene.

MAD Lions

MAD Lions and PSG Talon chasing top 3

A bit further down the list, two pleasant surprises from MSI 2021 are starting to climb. In fifth place is LEC’s MAD Lions, who had a solid showing at MSI. The team was knocked out in the semifinals but still managed to prove that Europe can do just fine internationally without G2 Esports. Ranking fifth might only be the start, as MAD Lions has the potential to crawl all the way up to the top 3 by continuing the great play when the 2021 LEC Summer Split kicks off. 

Right below is PSG Talon, who finally got to play against the best at MSI. Despite having to play with a substitute, the PCS representatives reached the semifinals. In doing so, the team gathered a lot of points for the team rankings and now the question remains if the team can keep it that way. But the return to the PCS means that PSG Talon will face weaker opponents and might struggle to keep a top 10 spot on the ranking. 

With that said, it’s expected that PSG Talon will win another split in the PCS and be at the 2021 World Championship to show off once again. 


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