Dupreeh opens up on father’s death after major victory

Steven Rondina • March 5, 19:14

Peter “dupreeh” Rasmussen’s time in Poland was both successful and therapeutic.

Just days before the 2019 Katowice Major, the Astralis rifler suffered the tragic loss of his father after an eight-year battle with cancer. With the tournament now behind him, the player opened up about his father’s final days and what it was like playing shortly afterwards.

“Obviously losing my father was really tough and I had a really big doubt with myself about whether to go here or not,” Dupreeh said at the press conference following the event. “Basically the last thing he said to me was that he wanted me to go here. And coming here and being with my team, the persons that I share the most with in my life, has definitely helped me through this.”

Though Dupreeh entered the tournament with a heavy heart, he more than did his part for Astralis.

The Danish squad carved its way through the competition in Katowice, working its way through the Legends Stage with a 3-0 record and running through the playoffs without dropping a map. That culminated with Astralis capturing its third major championship, defeating ENCE in the grand finals.

Dupreeh showed no signs of adversity in his play. Throughout the playoffs he posted a combined K/D of 119-91, with his greatest individual performance coming during a semifinal series versus MiBR.

Though the other teams in Katowice were his rivals, he indicated that he felt nothing but support from fellow players.

“I guess the fact you can go to a place where you know you can perform, the place where you’re most successful in life will definitely help you. And all the comments and all the love I’ve gotten from all the players have definitely helped,” said Dupreeh. “I’m just happy that I fulfilled my father’s wish.”

With the major now finished, Dupreeh has the opportunity to take some time off if he desires. If he wants to stay active, he has the chance to do so as Astralis is set to participate in the BLAST Pro Series in March.


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