Dream finally admits to cheating in Minecraft speedrun

By Olivia Richman


May 31, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

After denying it for months, Minecraft YouTuber Dream has finally admitted that he cheated on his infamous speedrun.

Dream has over 20 million subscribers on YouTube thanks to his impressive videos and the giant server he runs. But he was recently accused of cheating in his Minecraft speedruns. Even when groups came forward with studies and statistics about his unbelievable speedruns, Dream denied the accusations. He even hired an astrophysicist in an attempt to prove his innocence.

But in a May 30 TwitLonger, Dream finally admitted that he cheated.

Dream admits to cheating in Minecraft speedruns

In the since-deleted TwitLonger, Dream explained that he increased drop rates enabled for ender pearls during his 1.16 speedruns. Ender pearls are an important component of speedruns, since they help players access portals. Increasing the drop rate makes this process quicker, giving cheaters a faster time than usually possible.

Dream claimed in the TwitLonger statement that he wasn’t aware the plug-in was on during his speedruns.

“I had considered at the time that this potentially could have been a problem, but brushed it off because server-side and client-side are completely different and as far as I was aware nothing had been done client-side,” Dream wrote.

Dream then apologized to a speedrun website’s moderators, who he had previously attacked for accusing him of cheating. The moderators had published a long document outlining the shocking luck Dream had in Minecraft and how it just didn’t seem possible. Dream wrote in the TwitLonger that he had “dragged them through the mud” even though “they were mostly right.”

Dream explained to his fans that he cared more about defending himself than about “figuring out what was actually going on” when the drama over his cheating first began. Now, Dream wants to “avoid causing more drama” by releasing further statements in the future.

A lot of people in the gaming community were quick to condemn Dream after he released his apology. It seemed to them that Dream was claiming that he wasn’t aware he was cheating and that it was all an accident. Others said they didn’t care if he cheated or not, but were disappointed in him for “gaslighting” people who discussed and analyzed the nearly impossible odds of his speedruns.

Kaceytron reacts to Dream admitting to cheating in Minecraft

Controversial streamer Kaceytron was one of the more prominent people to come forward and react to Dream admitting to cheating in Minecraft. The streamer had accused him of cheating a long while back and has dealt with harassment from his die-hard fans ever since.

Kaceytron joked that she “played a big role” in Dream coming forward and that she was even his role model. Kaceytron referenced her own apology after she was caught cheating in a streaming game show.

The Twitch stream reminded a lot of people about Dream’s response to Kaceytron’s apology that people saw as an admission of guilt.