Dream fans’ fake face reveal brings hate, harassment

By Olivia Richman


Jun 12, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

After Dream promised to do a face reveal in a recent interview, the Minecraft star’s ravenous fan base has started hungrily scouring the internet for leaks ahead of the event. 

Dream is a YouTuber with over 23 million subscribers that is known for his Minecraft gameplay, cheating on an infamous speed run, and wearing a stick figure mask. Dream has never shown his face or shared any details about his identity. This made his announcement very exciting for fans, since Dream stated that revealing his face would also lead to meet and greets and more variety in his content. 

But this also led to a lot of drama, something that seems to follow Dream everywhere. 

Fake Dream face reveal causes drama in Minecraft community

After Dream announced that he would be showing his face, a Twitter account decided to share an alleged picture of the YouTube star. The June 10 tweet claimed that the photo was from the Facebook account of one of Dream’s family members. The caption explained that Dream was not “some cute, ripped twink” as some fans expected and that he actually “uses his brother as a body double for merch pics.” 

Dream face reveal fake

This tweet immediately caused controversy, with fans arguing against the idea that Dream was “catfishing” his followers. Others believed the tweet right away, sending hate to Dream for his appearance and “lying” about his looks. 

While Dream seemed entertained by the rumor at first, he ended up calling out a lot of fans over insulting comments they’d left under the photo. On his account “DreamHangout,” the Minecraft influencer said that “hating on the appearance of random people” isn’t a “big win.” 

“I’ve seen it twice a day since I started YouTube. It’s harmful, gross, and idiotic,” Dream ranted. 

Dream also revealed that he was receiving death threats and harassment, with the same going for the person who “revealed” Dream’s “real” face. He called Twitter a “ridiculous place,” calling out both sides of the drama for the “hate and hostility.” 

Dream face reveal trends on Twitter

Despite the ongoing drama, the streaming community couldn’t help but continue to make jokes about Dream’s “leaked” face reveal. Fans have been sharing very obviously fake pics of “Dream’s face reveal” on Twitter, mocking the obsession over finding out Dream’s real identity. 

For now, Dream has not officially shared any pictures of his face. He has also not announced the date for his face reveal event. 


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