Dream donates $140K for Pride Month, reveals major income

By Olivia Richman


Jul 1, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Minecraft streamer Dream was recently under fire for not streaming throughout the month of June after promising to donate money earned during June streams to LGBTQ charities. He then did his best to make up for it.

At the start of June, Dream announced that any money he earned from subscribers, donations, and bits during broadcasts would go towards the Trevor Project as a way for his community to do something good together. But then Dream was not seen on Twitch throughout the entire month, causing an uproar in the streaming community. Dream finally streamed on a secondary account,but many felt it was too little too late. 

But Dream has announced that his brief effort had a larger effect than people first imagined. 

Dream reveals big charity donation for Pride Month

Dream tweeted out last night that he would be donating $140,000 to the Trevor Project.

The mask-wearing content creator included a breakdown of how this much money was earned. With just two streams and three Discord podcasts, Dream said he was able to raise $20,000 in subscribers, $60,000 in donations, and over $10,000 in ad revenue while streaming. The total? A whopping $90,000. 

Dream also noted that he had a “promised contribution” of $50,000 from the Dteam. That brought the total to $140,000. 

“Happy end of pride month, and I’m glad we were able to raise so much for such an amazing cause!” Dream said. 

Streaming community shocked at Dream’s possible income

While the streaming community at large applauded Dream’s efforts in the end, it brought up another interesting topic. A lot of people were shocked to see just how much Dream had allegedly earned from these two short streams. 

People calculated that if the amount earned was divided in half and then applied to one stream per day over the course of one month, Dream would be raking in $16 million a year. Others did some math to find out that Dream was making $20 per 1,000 viewers on ad revenue, or two cents per ad per viewer. Some also noted that Dream has an entirely separate income on YouTube, where he possibly makes up to $500,000 on a video with millions of views. 

It was noted that Dream’s numbers might be inflated because of these latest streams being for charity. He also sold pride-themed merchandise throughout the month. Still, it seems Dream is making a similar amount of income to Twitch’s biggest streamers.


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