Dream criticized for not streaming in June after charity promise

By Olivia Richman


Jul 1, 2021

Reading time: 1 min

Dream started off the month stating that he would donate all the money he earned in June to the Trevor Project. This included subscriptions, donations, bits, and anything else he earned while streaming. Then Dream decided to not stream for the entire month. And the LGBTQ community is calling him out on it. 

At the start of June, Dream said that money he earned this month would go to help LGBTQIA+ youth. On Twitter, Dream said it’s “just a small thing” that he felt would be cool for his community to do together. Dream even claimed it would motivate him to stream more. 

Dream LGBTQ drama

But now June is about to end and the streaming community is calling Dream out for not streaming a single time from his main account. A Twitter user pointed out that Dream didn’t stream all month in June except for on one occasion. That single time was on his alternate account, “which has a tenth of his main’s followers and is not linked to his socials.” That two-hour stream also didn’t have subs or donations turned on. 

So far, Dream has not directly responded to the community’s outcry. But the Minecraft star is no stranger to controversy and usually doesn’t shy away from it. He recently announced that he would show his face for the first time ever after finally admitting to cheating in his infamous speedrun. He still has yet to show his face, however.