Dr Disrespect’s crazy line at TwitchCon leads to streamer drama

By Olivia Richman


Sep 30, 2019

Reading time: 2 min

With over 3.7 million Twitch followers, it’s no surprise that Guy “Dr Disrespect” Beahm would see quite an impressive showing at his TwitchCon meet and greet. 

On September 28, fans lined up to meet Twitch personality Dr Disrespect. The streamer appeared overwhelmed by the turnout, and he documented the moment on Twitter. The video shows Dr Disrespect making his way to the meet and greet area, passing by an insanely long line of fans. He picks up his daughter and gives fist bumps to everyone as he passes. 

When Dr Disrespect noticed a man dressed up like his infamous character, the popular streamer pointed the dedicated fan out to his daughter. 

“The energy was on a whole other level. Everyone at Twitch Con was dominating,” he tweeted. 

Many fans shared photos and videos of their time meeting Dr Disrespect all over social media. One clip showed Dr Disrespect crouching down to high five a fan’s young child. Moments like these really showed the wholesome side of Dr Disrespect, while also showing his appreciation for his fans. 

This was a far cry from his appearance at E3 earlier this year, which saw him get kicked out of the convention and banned from Twitch for live streaming in a public bathroom. Dr Disrespect later apologized for his behavior at E3, noting that he was just being dedicated to the “bullshit nature” of the character he portrays on stream. 

Of course, TwitchCon wasn’t 100% wholesome and a bit of drama was unavoidable. While the long line created a lot of wholesome moments at the convention, but it also created some tension. 

IRL streamer jaystreazy was third in line when the people in front of him let him go first once they saw he was streaming the moment. It seemed to be going fine initially, with jaystreazy getting to thank Dr Disrespect for his content before grabbing a selfie with him. Dr Disrespect’s daughter was adding to the moment, handing out t-shirts to fans. 

Suddenly, jaystreazy hears a man yelling at him from the line. When he goes to confront him, the disgruntled fan can be heard accusing jaystreazy of skipping the line. 

“I was here at 6 am bro,” jaystreazy told him calmly. 

The man responded with, “I don’t give a shit,” which caused jaystreazy to tell him to “chill out.” 

“I’ve been here for so much longer than you,” jaystreazy continued. 

The man in line kept accusing jaystreazy of skipping the line, even after the IRL streamer’s explanation. After some back and forth, a TwitchCon employee asks jaystreazy to keep walking. The Twitch streamer chuckled to himself as he walked away. 

Luckily, he’d already gotten his photo with Dr Disrespect. It just goes to show that where the doc goes, some amount of drama is likely to follow.


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