Dr Disrespect NBA 2K24

Dr Disrespect will be removed from NBA 2K24 for DMing a minor

By Olivia Richman


Jun 27, 2024

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NBA 2K24 has decided to remove Herschel “Dr Disrespect” Beahm following his admission.

Earlier this week, Dr Disrespect upset the streaming world by declaring that he had used the Twitch Whisper app to have inappropriate conversations with a minor. In response, he was removed from his own studio, Midnight Society, and called a “pedophile” by the streaming community at large. His own friends made videos saying they couldn’t support what the Two-Time had done.

Now, NBA 2K24 is removing Dr Disrespect from the basketball simulator, as confirmed by Dexerto.

Dr Disrespect removed from NBA 2K24

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2K has now stated that Dr Disrespect’s name will be removed from the game and he won’t appear in it anymore. He is currently featured in MyCareer but will be removed when the Season 9 patch notes drop.

This may take a little while since Season 8 is set to go live tomorrow, June 28. That means Dr Disrespect will have a bit more time in the game before he’s removed.

This is yet another blow to Dr Disrespect, a long-time basketball fan who also played in college. But his decision to cheat on his wife with a minor has led to a lot of consequences, this being one of them.

Dr Disrespect said on X that his haters “want me to disappear” but to that he said: “Yeah f—ing right.”

Still, he hasn’t said anything since that declaration. Previously he claimed he was going to “ride into the sunset” and fans now wonder if he’ll ever return from this streaming break.