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Dr Disrespect may leave streaming on YouTube for Project Moon

By Olivia Richman


Jul 16, 2022

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Herschel “Dr Disrespect” Beahm might be leaving streaming behind. Is Dr Disrespect leaving YouTube?

Earlier this year, Dr Disrespect announced the formation of his game development studio named “Midnight Society.” Since then, a vertical battle royale, codenamed Project Moon, has been revealed alongside a very busy development plan. Now it seems that the development timeline is more time-consuming than initially anticipated.

Dr Disrespect explains why he may leave streaming behind

Midnight Society is a new game studio looking to break into the AAA market. This has proven to be a very big challenge, with Dr Disrespect telling fans it will probably be about two years until Project Moon is released. During those two years, the Two-Time anticipates being very focused on the process. In fact, he may be too focused to even bother streaming.

On July 14, the Two-Time told his fanbase that he is considering a one or two-year break from streaming. He said that it’s a “big vision game” that’s “large scale,” meaning it could take a lot of his energy and time. Meanwhile, it has made streaming not as exciting as it once was.

“I was sitting in my command center thinking, what am I going to play?” Dr Disrespect admitted.

Is Dr Disrespect leaving YouTube and quitting streaming?

Fans are a bit worried about the future of Dr Disrespect’s streaming career. Most streamers take just a week or month away from broadcasting, but it seems the Two Time needs a lot more time than that. Don’t worry, though. Dr Disrespect stated he plans on returning eventually.

During his recent stream, Dr Disrespect explained that he’s considering a year or two away from YouTube but plans on coming back after. He explained that he’s just in “one of those spells.” For now, Dr Disrespect is starting to feel “insane” since there’s no new games he wants to play while he works on his own.


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