Dr Disrespect hints at big things ahead, rants on Apex Legends

Olivia Richman • August 16, 06:40

Despite his long and mysterious disappearance, Herschel “Dr Disrespect” Beahm is already fed up with the gaming industry. 

Dr Disrespect has returned to streaming, this time on YouTube, and he’s brought some strong opinions with him. The Two-Time couldn’t just be silent while watching the Apex Legends Season 6 gameplay trailer. For fans, it was as if the Doctor had never left since he was already back to sharing his strong opinions, just like old times.

The Apex Legends trailer showed off Rampart’s abilities, the new Volt SMG, and even a dismantled train. While the World’s End’s train area being removed was a very upsetting change for many Apex Legends content creators, that wasn’t what had bothered the Two-Time after watching the trailer. 

“Okay, no offense to Respawn. This is not directed to Respawn or Apex in general. It’s more of a response to the bigger people up at the top in terms of how we are marketing fucking products in mainstream media,” Dr Disrespect said mid-trailer. 

Dr Disrespect went on to explain how all video game trailers are marketed the same. He called it “vanilla” and “repetitive,” exclaiming that he wants to start his own production company to “take things to the next fucking level.” 

“Here comes the rap music. It’s very generic. Sliding around montage. SICK! We’ve been seeing for twenty years. It’s the same shit. It really is!” the Two-Time ranted, getting louder as he went on. 

Dr Disrespect returns to YouTube, not impressed with gaming marketing

Dr Disrespect explained that he would take players through a “goddamn journey.” 

“We’re talking about the most popular industry in the world: video games. And it’s interactive, the online stuff. I feel like we can be taking these and showcasing these types of trailers to the next level,” he said. 

Dr Disrespect’s fans have no doubt that the popular streamer could provide some cutting edge marketing advice. Before his return, the Doctor had told PC Gamer that he was planning new projects with a creative team. He said that the streaming universe would be “opening up a lot bigger.” 

When he finally returned to social media, Dr Disrespect impressed fans with a short music video. Over 340,000 people ended up watching his first stream in a month even though it was just a still image if a gas station with radio broadcasts playing in the background. 


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