Dr Disrespect cleans up in a vest for whiskey brand Black Steel Bourbon

Olivia Richman • November 18, 2022 6:29 pm

YouTube streamer Herschel “Dr Disrespect” Beahm finally broke character as fans saw him without the signature sunglasses, mullet, and vest on Twitter last night.

Dr Disrespect posted a video for his newest project, a limited run of Black Steel Bourbon. At the beginning of the video, he is in his usual attire. But then he appears in an office-like setting, sitting in a brown leather chair without the glasses or hair. It’s a jarring transition.

But when Dr Disrespect opened his mouth, he still had the same bravado he always does on stream.

“So much greatness. So many victories. How can one person win so much? Listen, I can’t tell you how to win. I can only tell you what winning tastes like,” Dr Disrespect said in the video.

Black Steel Bourbon advertises itself as being the “untamed, hell-raising alter ego” of other Kentucky bourbons. It’s 93 proof with hints of charred wood, green apple, vanilla bean, and citrus pearl. The drink was crafted by award-winning Master Distiller Marianne Eaves.

Just four hours after revealing the bourbon, the drink sold out.

In a follow-up tweet, The Doc stated: “We’ve officially sold out. As avid Bourbon connoisseurs, Black Steel has been a passion project of ours for many years. Launch day was a success. The taste of victory has just begun.”

He signed it Guy Beahm.

Dr Disrespect Bourbon

Black Steel Bourbon went for $64.99 a bottle. It shipped to most states although some fans noted that their state was unfortunately not on the list. As people rushed to the site to purchase multiple bottles, a lot of fans ran into errors.

It’s unclear when more Black Steel Bourbon will become available.

While fans were excited about the alcohol, others were just blown away by Dr Disrespect’s appearance. Many called him a “beautiful” and “handsome” man. Others noted that it felt like he was staring straight into their soul.


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