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Doublelift calls out CLG for Xmithie visa issue

By Olivia Richman


Sep 2, 2021

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Before becoming a full-time streamer, Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng was one of the most popular League of Legends players in the LCS. For part of that time, Doubelift competed with Counter Logic Gaming, a time he doesn’t look back on quite so fondly.

In a recent discussion had over social media, fans noted that Doublelift has been to Worlds an incredible eight times. But out of all those trips to the event, he only made it out of the group stage once. This is due to a variety of factors, and Doublelift pointed one out on a recent stream: CLG’s best potential run was ruined thanks to a visa issue.

When CLG competed at Worlds in 2015, they ended up being eliminated quite early on. Doublelift explained that this was due to the organization fumbling when it came to dealing with Jake “Xmithie” Puchero’s visa at the time.

According to Doublelift, the organization waited so long to make arrangements for Xmithie that he was unable to make it to most of the team’s practice and was even set to be absent from Worlds. CLG allegedly didn’t work on Xmithie’s visa application for the European event until time for the bootcamp, which was too late for proper practice and nearly too late for him to attend the event at all.

“Xmithie got fucked on his visa because CLG was the worst org in existence. We had to scrim the entire bootcamp with HuHi jungle or Xmithie on 300 ping. It was a really bad time,” Doublelift said.

Doublelift blames CLG for his bad showing at Worlds 2015

Doublelift seemed to blame CLG’s bad run at Worlds 2015 on the organization’s mishandling of Xmithie’s visa. He called the organization “dogs—” for delaying the process so long. While the team was “hype” for their Worlds qualification, Doublelift said that the organization then came to them and said there was “bad news.”

“They’re like, ‘Actually, bad news, guys. We didn’t apply for the visa and it looks like [Xmithie] is potentially not going to play at Worlds.’ That was crazy. I was super mad,” Doublelift recalled.

CLG ended up having Xmithie on their Worlds roster just in time to compete at the event. But the damage had already been done, including the difficult practice and scrim situation for CLG, the team ended up dropping from Worlds with a 2-4 record. Doublelift left the team soon after the 2015 World Championship.


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