Double chance bet: A complete guide

By William Davis


Nov 20, 2021

Reading time: 3 min

When you first enter the world of football betting, there are plenty of terms that could be confusing. 

Betting sites never explain what any terms are, they just expect punters to know them. To many new bettors, the words are baffling, but it definitely does not need to be this way. We’re going to explain to you what “Double Chance” is when it comes to betting. 

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What does double chance mean in betting?

So what is a double chance? To put it as simply as possible, with this betting strategy, you are betting on two outcomes of the same game. 

The only precondition of this type of bet is that the sport you are betting on has to have three different outcomes; win, draw, or a loss. When you make a regular match outcome bet, you put your money on one of these outcomes. 

However, with a double chance bet, you are betting on two outcomes which decreases your risk of losing. For instance, you can put your money on the home team to win or draw. While this is obviously an advantage, a disadvantage is that your odds will be lower since you have a higher chance of winning. 

What does double chance mean in football betting?

Double chance betting in football allows you to set two separate win conditions for a bet with the drawback of reduced payouts for winning bets.

In a game of football, a team will either win, lose, or draw. Hypothetically, imagine there’s a match you’d like to bet on and you believe that the underdog has a good chance of causing an upset, but are a bit cautious. 

Now imagine that Liverpool are playing Aston Villa in the English Premier League and the Merseyside team are heavy favourites to win, despite the fact that the match is being played at Villa Park. Anyone who paid close attention to the 2020-21 Premier League season will know that Villa trounced Liverpool 7-2. They were also just minutes away from getting a very respectable draw at Anfield. 

Villa seem to play well against Liverpool, but Liverpool is always the heavy favorite with sports betting sites. If you’re not 100% confident in Villa winning, you can double chance a bet where Villa will either beat or draw against Liverpool. 

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Double Chance Betting

There are a number of advantages when it comes to double chance betting, and this is what we are going to take a look at now. 

Higher chance of winning: Unlike your traditional bet that gets you to select one outcome, a double chance wager puts two different outcomes into one bet. Therefore, your chances of winning will increase.

Low risk: Double chance betting is low risk when compared to other bet types because the team that you back only has to avoid defeat. But once again, this increased chance of winning and reduced risk does come at the expense of a bigger payout with a successful bet.

Good profits if teams are equal: In an evenly matched game, it is often tricky to pick the outright winner. In such a scenario, double chance betting is a good strategy, especially if the two teams are playing their last league match and want to end the season on a high. If you are certain that the match will not end in a draw, then you can put your money on the “Home win/Away win” market. 

High-value betting by backing the underdog: There are few sports out there that are as hair-raising and tense as football, and sensible football bettors will know to never rule out the underdog. Do your homework on upcoming football matches and you will be able to find plenty of value when it comes to the underdogs. 

These are the advantages, let us now take a look at the disadvantages of double chance betting.