Dota Underlords releases big update, adds live overview feature

Olivia Richman • July 5, 2019 2:00 pm

Valve has released the biggest update yet for Dota Underlords, titled “Hot dogs, Updates, and Fireworks.” The patch notes for the auto battler focus on major changes to the gameplay, items, and hero balances. 

One of the changes fans are most excited about is the added live overview of heroes in play. Inspired by Drodo Studio’s popular mod to Dota Auto Chess, items players have in their arsenal and on the bench will also be included in the live overview. 

A live, global leaderboard is also available now on the Dota Underlords website. The leaderboard, which shows the top ranked players in the game, has a new rank as well: Lord of White Spire. 

Two Alliances received significant reworks. For warlocks, meeting the Alliance’s requirements establishes a link between the warlock and an ally with the lowest health. The two linked heroes heal for the damage dealt by either one of them. 

The Alliance synergy was changed for shamans too. Now, three shamans are required to successfully form a link. The update also made it so that shamans no longer instantly hex an enemy.

The update also altered win and loss streak bonuses. Before, these streaks allowed more advanced players to acquire big gold stashes when done correctly. Now, loss streaks have been reduced in power. Players now get a maximum of two gold for losing. Meanwhile, the maximum amount of gold a player can earn from win streaks has been raised by one, although there’s now a limitation to the effect.

Before the patch, players could get three gold as a bonus after seven wins. They could then continue to be rewarded that amount for each consecutive win thereafter. The patch established a required eight-win streak with a max bonus of four gold before the streak is reset. 

Items and heroes were also changed, including big changes to Venomancer’s Summon Plague Ward. Check out the full patch notes here

Dota Underlords is currently listed as being in early access.


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