Dota Underlords beta introduces Battle Pass, offers rewards

Olivia Richman • July 13, 12:45

Dota Underlords may still be in beta, but Valve has already announced a Battle Pass for its popular new auto battler. 

The free Proto Pass will be available to all beta testers, allowing them to unlock unique banners, emotes, and a new board type. Similar to other free-to-play titles, these are all able to be unlocked through a mix of daily and weekly challenges. 

According to the official Dota Underlords page, every multiplayer or hardcore bot game will earn participants Proto Pass XP. Completing daily quests will make players level up even faster. Each of the Battle Pass’ levels will come with a new reward, and as Valve says, “a new opportunity to show your opponent how far you’ve progressed.” 

Players who reach level five will unlock the Path to Sunbreeze. This is a “lush and vibrant” board, “perfect for those who want to stab their enemies in broad daylight.” 

Other unlockable items include win streak and respawn effects, allowing players to “make an entrance with flair.” Players can also “celebrate every victory with style” by unlocking fireworks effects. Banners are another unlockable item, allowing each individual player to rep their Underlord. 

But the banner isn’t the only unlockable cosmetic that helps set players apart from one another. Players can not only unlock new banners, but also the bases from which they fly. Voice lines are another item beta users can unlock in the Battle Pass, along with portrait rings that allow competitors to show a bit more personality. 

So far, none of the challenges that lead to these rewards are available online. 

“Like many aspects of the beta, the Proto Pass is a learning experience for the Underlords team – so please keep the feedback coming so that we can adjust plans for our Season 1 Battle Pass accordingly,” the developers said. 

The latest update brought with it a few gameplay and hero balance changes. This included changing Venomancer’s wards’ magic resist percentages. Spells cast by Disruptor and Alchemist will no longer continue their effects after the death of each respective hero. Gyrocopter no longer targets units in the air with his Call Down ability. 

Consistent updates in response to player critiques and requests may make this Dota 2 spinoff a more appealing affir than previous game Artifact, which began to fall off sharply just after its release.


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