Dota 2 Week 11 mission guide for the Diretide battle pass

By Kenneth Williams


Nov 11, 2022

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Diretide week 11 is here, bringing a new batch of challenges and stars to match.

Valve appears to be running out of mission ideas, but with eight more weeks to go, Dota 2 players ought to just grit their teeth and bear it. With that in mind, Diretide week 11 includes one of the most challenging missions in the game’s history. Aside from that, it’s business as usual. These are the best heroes and strategies to complete week 11 of the Diretide battle pass as quickly as possible.

The International 2022 battle pass week 11 mission guide

Diretide battle pass week 11 missions

What Play You

By week 11, Dota 2 players should know what to expect from the first Diretide battle pass mission. Two, eight, and fifteen games each reward a star of progress toward the weekly battle pass bonuses. Use the time to farm role queue games, progress in the cavern crawl, or complete the week’s tasks.

No Solicitors

This may very well be the most difficult mission Valve has ever added to a battle pass. It requires players to deposit candies in enemy wells during Diretide as Roshan is active. It sounds simple, but this is a challenging task to pull off. To make matters worse, players must repeat the feat five times in winning games. Losing counts for nothing. Expect Valve to change this mission soon, but if it doesn’t, pick mobile heroes with Anti-Mage, Queen of Pain, and Void Spirit.

Stacked In Your Favor

Sorry support players, but the “stack” in this mission doesn’t refer to doubled-up camps. This mission requires players to win six matches in a full five-person party to earn three stars. The easiest way to accomplish this is to have friends, but those who don’t may be able to convince randoms to band together for unranked. 

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What About Second Blood

Dota 2 makes a lot of hoopla about first blood, but this mission requires more long-term thinking. Players earn a star by killing two, five, and ten enemy heroes before ten minutes. Remember that this mission tracks not the total number between matches, so there’s no need to go beyond godlike before the second day. Mid gankers like Puck, Leshrac, and the Spirits are good choices. Meat grinder side lanes like Juggernaut Witch Doctor or Vengeful Spirit Chaos Knight can also do the trick.

Never In Jest

Tips are an integral part of the Dota 2 experience, so dishing out ten shouldn’t take more than a few games. Never In Jest rewards a star for handing out two, five, and ten backhanded compliments. Not many Dota 2 players know this, but it’s also possible to tip your teammates for performing well. With that secret tech in mind, this mission is a piece of cake. Remember that actual advice over voice chat doesn’t count.

Who Needs Sleep

Restoring health is a strange stat to track, but this mission does exactly that. Regenerating 3,000, 8,000, and 15,000 health each grant a star towards the weekly bonus levels. Regeneration includes natural regen and lifesteal, but notably not external healing. The best heroes for this mission are Lifestealer, Huskar, and Chaos Knight. Any hero with a Heart of Tarrasque can also make quick progress.


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