Dota 2 update 7.31b brings new Plus sets and an unusual courier

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Dota 2 players can enjoy the new 7.31b hero changes while Dota Plus users appreciate a new batch of exclusive skins.

Valve unexpectedly dropped a big Dota 2 update late on March 1, 2022. Dota 2 balance patch 7.31b makes considerable changes to heroes affected by the big update that was 7.30. Lina and Meepo are the most buffed and nerfed heroes respectively in this latest patch, though a total of 17 heroes are changed in 7.31b. The update also brings a new Dota Plus treasure with an unusual courier, Leafy the Seadragon.

Dota 2 patch 7.31b nerfs Meepo, buffs Lina and Techies

Meepo received some of the heaviest buffs in all of Dota 2 7.30, but it seems that Valve regrets handing out such significant buffs to the glitchiest hero in the game. In 7.31b, the geomancer’s agility growth was shaved down from 2.4 to 2.2 per level. In addition, his level 10 +6 strength talent was changed to not affect his clones twice. Previously, Meepo clones would get a whopping 240 additional health from this talent. Now the clones get the same benefit as Meepo prime at just 120 bonus health.

Lina got the most substantial buffs of any hero in 7.31b. The level one damage of Light Strike Array was moved up 20 points to an even 100. LSA is generally maxed last to reserve its low mana cost for Fiery Souls stacks, so this buff is much appreciated. Her ultimate Laguna Blade also got a massive 100 mana cost cut at all levels. All of that comes on top of smaller agility and intelligence gain buffs. Lina was one of Dota 2’s worst heroes in patch 7.30, so Valve finally came through with an apology in the form of some big buffs.

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Techies’ highly-anticipated rework needed some adjustments post-launch, and Valve delivered. Blast Off! now uses current HP rather than max, though the percentage was increased to compensate for the change. The biggest changes are aimed at new ability Sticky Bomb, which now slows affected enemies by up to 45% for two seconds.

To check out what other heroes were changed in patch 7.31b, you can read the official Dota 2 patch notes here.

Dota Plus Spring update brings new sets and unusual courier

Members of Dota 2’s premium program Dota Plus get another bonus on top of the above balance changes. The Spring season has brought a new Dota Plus treasure with eight new sets to collect. Standouts include a new cowboy-themed Anti-Mage set and a Japanese tengu-themed mask for Grimstroke. Omniknight, Axe, Kunkka, and Grimstroke can all enjoy new facial hair with parts from their new sets.

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Lucky players may also open a new unusual courier from the treasure. Leafy the Seadragon seems to continue the theme of Dota Plus couriers representing New Zealand’s wildlife. Their bulbous chest appears inspired by the Large-Bellied Seahorse, the only species of seahorse found along the New Zealand coast. Each Leafy comes with a combination of kinetic and prismatic gems, with the odds increasing as players open more Dota Plus Spring chests.

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While there’s no way to confirm the reasons for New Zealand’s wildlife representation, it’s worth noting that Valve boss Gabe Newell was stranded in the country not long ago and had much praise for it. Maybe this is his way of acknowledging in-game his new love for New Zealand.


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