Dota 2 pros defeat advanced AI, save humanity

By Neslyn Apduhan


Aug 20, 2018

Reading time: 1 min

The International’s big stage showcased the toughest test yet for OpenAI Five. After its initial success, the neutral networks proved that they can square up against the best players in Dota 2.

A significant restriction was removed, making the games played closer to standard Dota 2 gameplay. Instead of using five vulnerable couriers, OpenAI Five trained with a single courier. This greatly impacts their self-learning ability on courier prioritization and utilization.

Although Pain Gaming was eliminated early in the group stage, they still managed to play on the main stage versus the OpenAI Five. The draft was made by a third party to provide an even match-up. A coin flip decided who would take each side of the map.

OpenAI Five demonstrated impressive teamplay but it was not enough to beat the experienced players. The first game ended with a close score, but Pain Gaming clearly dominated by the end of game.

The second match was against the Chinese legends team Big God. But the AI players were again unable to overcome their human opponents.

There are still obvious flaws in the bot’s logic leading to misplays. The bots spend too much time in the Roshan pit and sometimes placed numerous wards at questionable locations.

However, the OpenAI Five’s capability to learn huge amounts of information in a short span of time is enough to potentially foresee them beating top tier pro Dota 2 teams in the future.