Dota 2 patch 7.30d is one last round of polish before TI10

By Kenneth Williams


Sep 26, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

32 heroes have received one last tune-up before The International 10.

Patch 7.30d is the third small update for Dota 2 patch 7.30. This update nerfed the top level of the meta and gave small buffs to several overlooked heroes. In addition to a much-needed nerf on Overwhelming Blink, it also rebalanced a handful of neutral items.

All players can now play on the official patch for The International 10. The $40 million tournament will be the biggest in the games’ history.

Patch 7.30d hero changes

The most notable nerfs of the patch are aimed at Silencer, Dawnbreaker, and Tinker. All three are very successful across most levels of play.

Silencer is one of the strongest heroes in the meta, so Arcane Curse’s silence multiple is reduced to 1.7. His Aghanim’s Scepter Last Word also took an AoE reduction. Dawnbreaker’s niche as a support with a global save is now offset by less early Starbreaker damage. Tinker got the lightest slap on the wrist despite dominating high-tier pubs. Rearm costs 10 more mana and Heat-Seeking Missiles deal ten less damage.

For buffs, Icefrog and Valve decided to buff many of the more exciting heroes to watch.

Warlock’s golem got 200 more health and reduced mana costs for early Fatal Bonds. Phantom Assassin’s Fan of Knives got a 25% cooldown reduction to 15. Clinkz somehow earned an extra arrow on his Burning Barrage level 20 talent, which Wang “Ame” Chunyu of PSG.LGD will abuse in Bucharest. Valve is playing with fire by buffing Broodmother right before The International. Increased Web counts and Spawn Spiderlings damage is always welcome.

Patch 7.30d item changes

The item patch list for 7.30d is considerably shorter. The only shop item listed in Overwhelming Blink, which had its impact damage nerfed from 200 +100% strength to 100 + 150%. This nerf is pretty directly pointed at Tinker, who had an insane 70.49% win rate with the item. 

The new set of neutrals received a round of small buffs. Brigand’s Blade got a slight damage buff and Tumbler’s Toy went from a 30-second cooldown to 20. The rocking horse also lost its unique ability to activate while rooted or leashed.

A few high tier neutrals got nerfs too, like Ex Machina’s armor getting reduced by five and an attribute nerf to 10 for Mirror Shield. Fallen Sky now has double the old activation time at one second. The Meteor Hammer and Blink Dagger combination can quickly swing late game team fights, so it makes sense to nerf it before The International 10 starting October 7.