Dota 2 fans appalled by odds for TI11 talent voice lines

Kenneth Williams • September 30, 2022 4:10 am

Talent will make The International 2022 come alive in October, but the voice lines will be a very rare in-game sight.

To help support the many casters and analysts attending The International 2022, Valve has released a new sticker capsule with voice lines featuring their names and faces. Many Dota 2 fans are interested in the voice lines, but the odds of opening a specific caster or analyst’s voice line is less than .1%. Here are the exact odds of getting TI11 talent voice lines broken down by analyst Kyle Freedman.

In addition to the stickers, the capsule also gives Dota 2 players a chance to unlock exclusive in-game voice lines. Gold and holo versions of talent stickers also grant voice lines when consumed, making them a hot commodity for many fans. However, that restricts lines to only the top two rarities of stickers.

ti11 sticker capsule

The result is that gold and holo TI11 talent stickers are fetching very high prices on the Steam market. Fan favorites like Jake “SirActionSlacks” Kanner and Mira “Ephey” Riad can fetch upwards of $100. 

The talent stickers are also the only way to get their accompanying voice lines. It is possible to purchase them from other users through the Steam market, but transactions on that platform do not contribute to the talent. In fact, Valve takes an additional cut of autograph Steam market sales on top of the 50% it keeps from the capsule.

The odds of getting voice lines from TI11 stickers

A Dota 2 analyst claims that the odds of getting a specific voice line from a TI11 sticker capsule are roughly 1 in 1,196.

This number comes from Kyle, a frequent face at majors, The International, and the regular DPC season. The former pro claimed that the odds of opening a holo or gold sticker is only 3.85%. Split across 46 different names, the odds of opening a specific line become just under 1 in 1,200.

This is all in addition to much of The International 2022 talent being broadcast in from Stockholm instead of attending in-person. While the tournament itself may go off without a hitch, there’s a lot for Dota 2 fans to be upset about.


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