Donald Trump just got banned from Twitch for hateful conduct

Steven Rondina • June 30, 08:26

Donald Trump has a Twitch account. And now he has been banned from the streaming platform.

In a surprise twist, Twitch announced that it has suspended the President of the United States from the streaming platform due to its rules regarding hateful conduct. The move stems from comments made in some of Trump’s rallies, which were broadcasted on the platform.

During Trump’s recent rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the president made a number of racist comments regarding Asians. The Twitch channel has also featured rebroadcasts of past Trump rallies, including one where he made derogatory comments regarding Mexicans.

This crossed the line with Twitch, leading to a temporary ban from the platform.

“Like anyone else, politicians on Twitch must adhere to our Terms of Service and Community Guidelines. We do not make exceptions for political or newsworthy content, and will take action on content reported to us that violates our rules,” Twitch told the Verge in a statement.

Twitch bans Donald Trump for violating TOS, Community Guidelines

Twitch banning the president is a step that other social media platforms have been generally unwilling to take. Twitter has largely thrown its hands up regarding Trump’s repeated breaking of rules on the platform, occasionally attaching a notice to his most egregiously infringing tweets. Facebook has endured harsh over recent months for its refusal to take any form of action while also raking in millions of dollars from Donald Trump’s reelection campaign as it pays for ads on the social networking platform.

The move is likely to incense Trump for multiple reasons.

The president has historically been very defensive regarding his social media presence and those of other far-right personalities. He has repeatedly accused social media platforms of censoring him and voices that praise him. The most notable example of this is his ongoing feud with Twitter, which saw him threaten the platform after it added a warning label to a tweet in which he seemingly encouraged police officers to shoot at protesters.

Likely to anger him even further is Twitch’s connection to Jeff Bezos. The Amazon owner and the world’s richest man has long been a nemesis of Trump due to Bezos’ ownership of The Washington Post, a news outlet that Trump believes treats him unfairly in its reporting. The fact that Bezos owns Twitch through its connection to Amazon could frustrate Trump even further.

Trump’s ban from Twitch is not permanent, which means that he should return to the platform within a week or two. Though there’s no telling how long it would be before his rhetoric produced another suspension.


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