Dominant G2 Esports returns, takes down Suning in Worlds 2020

By Melany Moncada


Oct 4, 2020

Reading time: 1 min

G2 Esports debuted in the 2020 World Championship with a victory over Suning.

G2 started its Worlds 2020 run on a high note with a victory and is looking like a strong contender moving forward.

The summer season wasn’t ideal for G2 as the team had a shaky run and almost missed playoffs. In the end, G2 walked away with the title but it wasn’t the dominant performance fans anticipated. Because of that performance, analysts were uncertain about which version of G2 would show up on the Worlds stage. All those questions just got answered, as the dominant G2 is back online. Back doors, team fights, and ridiculous amounts of damage, G2 has it all and is ready to put up a show for everyone’s enjoyment.

As the event progresses, the priority of dragons has been going up. Dragon Soul has an 80% winrate in the main event and teams are starting to play around this objective. It doesn’t mean that skirmishing is out of the question, but every fight for a dragon is twice as intense and important. G2 still struggles with the initial set up for objectives, but makes up for it with great team fighting.

G2 knows how to punish mistakes, even the small ones, and being able to do that puts it one step ahead of the other teams in group A. If the opponent accelerates the pace of the game, G2 can adapt and not every team at the event seems capable of doing so. This year it’s not about surprising drafts, but execution.

Now that all the teams in group A have played, G2 is looking like the clear frontrunner for taking the top spot while Machi Esports is looking like a close second. Unfortunately for North American fans, Team Liquid is looking lost and the team that dominated play-ins is nowhere to be found.


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