Does Starfield really have a Rage Quit button?

By Olivia Richman


Jul 27, 2023

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Gamers are finding out all sorts of things about Starfield, including its extensive skill tree system and romance options. But there are rumors going around that the massive space-set open world has a Rage Quit button.

Fans of Bethesda’s RPGs have been studying trailers, files, and everything else to see if they can find out more about Starfield before its release date. In one recent trailer, fans noticed a button with the words “Rage Quit” written on it inside the ship.

Rage quitting is a common phrase in gaming that refers to when a player abruptly quits a match or shuts off a game due to feeling super angry about something that happened — usually a loss or a tough boss. Some gamers will even rage quit due to trolling or just simply feeling frustrated.

So does Starfield have a Rage Quit button for fans that want to give up a certain mission?

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Starfield’s Rage Quit button: Fact or fiction?

The Rage Quit button is very easy to spot within the spaceship, so the button does exist. But does the Rage Quit button actually do anything? And if so, what?

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to know right now. It could simply be a meme and doesn’t have any function beyond referencing gamer lingo. But the button may also play a real role in the game. If so, some are wondering if it’s a self-destruct button that will destroy the ship and everyone inside.

There’s also an RNG button. This is short for “random number generator,” which also refers to something luck-based in gaming. Will you be brought to a random planet? Or is this just another ode to gamers?

For now, it’s all just speculation.


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