Fallout Dogmeat

Does Starfield have animal companions?

By Olivia Richman


Sep 17, 2023

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Starfield has 22 possible companions but gamers are wondering if there are any four-legged ones in the mix.

You can bring a wide variety of adventurers with you as you explore the expanse of space in Starfield. This includes a helpful and loyal robot named Vasco, a sarcastic pirate named Mathis, and the mysterious Andreja. But some fans are not satisfied with the expansive list of companions because a certain type is missing.

Starfield players beg Bethesda to bring back Dogmeat

Anyone who has played Fallout remmebers Dogmeat. He was a loyal German Shepherd companion who was great at fetching useful items and chomping down on enemies.

Now, Bethesda fans want developers to provide the same experience in Starfield.

Said one Reddit user: “Humans would have at least brought dogs and cats, if not many other animals. I know they evacuated the planet in 50 years, but there is no way all animals and pets are left behind. Hell, rats would absolutely have snuck onto ships as they left.”

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This started a huge discussion about the lack of familiar animals in Starfield. Some speculated that there would have been an “ark-like” spaceship that brought all the most important species to the new planets.

“Isn’t there that vault in Norway that has like every seed there is? Wouldn’t be out of the question to have animal DNA as well,” a player noted.

Right now, gamers are wondering if animal companions will be part of future DLC. While nobody is a fan of buying more content for games, many fans did note that they would appreciate Bethesda for adding animal companions to the game either way.


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