Does Pokimane have a boyfriend? Famous streamer gives an answer

By Olivia Richman


Mar 13, 2021

Reading time: 3 min

Imane “Pokimane” Anys’ relationship status has always been a hot topic, with fans often speculating on whether or not the popular female streamer has a boyfriend. And now Pokimane has officially announced her relationship status. 

One of Twitter’s most recent trends is to write “single btw” if you are, in fact, single. The replies have often been the biggest entertainment for this trend, with esports and gaming personalities joking that “of course you’re all single” due to their playing games eight or more hours a day. But Pokimane stole the show when she decided to take part in the trend herself. 

Pokimane followed up the internet-breaking by further clarifying her current position.

“Not looking. Just tired of seeing the same question/assumption over and over,” Pokimane said. 

While many fans in the replies still tried to “shoot their shot” at the popular streamer, Pokimane seemed to be hoping this tweet would clear up a lot of the rumors that have been floating around her for the past year. 

In September 2020, Pokimane took a month-long break from Twitch. During that time, she felt the need to share an apology on YouTube after popular content creator Leafy accused her of lying to her fans and secretly having a boyfriend. 

The possibility of Pokimane having a boyfriend bothered some fans because it’s long been said by some that Pokimane’s viewer base is mostly “simps” that she manipulates into getting donations from. Pokimane has denied this claim multiple times. She also capped her donations at $5, meaning fans can no longer give her larger donations in hopes of getting noticed by the famous content creator. 

Fitz and Pokimane find themselves in drama on Reddit

In December, streamer Cameron “Fitz” McKay made a joke that led many to assume Pokimane was sleeping with him. The resulting harassment Pokimane received was so severe that Fitz created a Reddit thread to address the situation, calling out the community for its double standards.  

“I received SO many tweets and comments calling me a ‘king’ or a ‘legend’ for effectively sleeping around. I wonder what names I would have been called if I was a woman?” Fitz asked.

The continued fascination with Pokimane’s dating life has often been seen as offensive and demeaning to female streamers. Female streamers are often harassed on Twitch or accused of using their bodies for views. Some have even accused of sleeping with Twitch employees to get special treatment, which may in part have led to a questionable new rule in Twitch’s Terms Of Service

Now that Pokimane has addressed these continuous rumors about her “secret boyfriend,” she’s hoping that the streaming community will stop putting so much effort into uncovering who this alleged mystery man is. But it’s hard to say if the harassment will stop, since most replies to Pokimane’s tweet have been fans begging for her to DM them.


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