Disguised Toast

DisguisedToast has a response for people who want him canceled

By Olivia Richman


May 3, 2021

Reading time: 3 min

Streamer Jeremy “DisguisedToast” Wang released a long response after his being called “problematic” due to comments he had made in the past.

Recent threads on Twitter made by streamers and fans brought up allegedly sexist and racist jokes DisguisedToast made in the past. This prompted DisguisedToast to fire back at the accusers.  

“I have always toed the line of ‘edgy’ humor when it comes to my online presence,” DisguisedToast said. “Over the last five years, I’ve developed a more sarcastic, blunt, and satirical personality. There’s nothing about what I’ve done publicly that I have tried to hide, delete, or claim ignorance to. I take full responsibility for all I’ve said and all my actions.”

What did DisguisedToast do that was “problematic”?

DisguisedToast was allegedly emailed a list of problematic things he’d done in the past. While he would normally say “Don’t watch my content” in response, DisguisedToast acknowledged that there are people crying about what he said and “dragging” people he cares about from OfflineTV and Amigops. 

The first accusation was that DisguisedToast is a racist, based on a video two years ago where the streamer read a racial joke off of a website. According to DisguisedToast, it was a joke he read an an attempt to get a reaction from the participant on the video, a “don’t laugh challenge.” He acknowledged that it was a tasteless joke but said that reading the joke didn’t make him racist. 

The email also said that DisguisedToast was racist while the cameras were off. This is based on a recent appearance on a podcast where the streamer said that streamers “say and do things that the public would find distasteful.” DisguisedToast stuck by the statement, explaining that it doesn’t mean they are “dropping slurs left and right.” 

DisguisedToast then addressed the concern that he promotes pedophilia. During a game of Pictionary, DisguisedToast had answered to the word “illegal” by drawing a stick figure of a young girl. Some people tweeted at the streamer, accusing him of wanting to have sex with children due to his response during the game. 

“I don’t support pedophilia (I can’t believe I have to even say that) and it honestly surprises me that some stans are trying to cancel me for this one. The prompt was ‘illegal.’ I’m pretty sure it’s clear that even with the worse opinion of me, people can recognize that I’m saying pedo = bad,” DisguisedToast said. 

DisguisedToast then said that he was bothered a lot by the accusations that he’s a “rape advocate.” Apparently, there is an old VOD somewhere, which wasn’t shared in the email or able to be found by DisguisedToast, where the streamer says, “If a girl says no, just keep asking till she gives in.” While he can’t remember saying it, DisguisedToast confidently stated that it was “sarcastic.” At the time, he was being “purposely ignorant” as a form of satire. 

“I recognize that rape and sexual assault isn’t something to joke about, I like to think my actions during a period of time where friends of mine did go through such trauma shows how seriously I take it. It was a joke about how creepy men can be. I don’t think it is fair to label me as a ‘rape advocate,’ especially while not showing any clips or VODs of the moment,” DisguisedToast said. 

Even though DisguisedToast was confused by the backlash, he promised fans that he will be “a little bit less edgy” in the future to avoid such accusations. He also apologized for anyone who was hurt by his past jokes and said he would “try to be more considerate,” although an edgy joke might still come out here and there. 

Hafu and other streamers are defending DisguisedToast

Twitch streamer Hafu was one of many DisguisedToast fans to respond to the TwitLonger by defending DisguisedToast. Hafu said that people were picking on DisguisedToast just because they wanted to be upset about something. 

Other streamers and content creators commented that DisguisedToast is a good person for one reason or another. Some noted that he always defends his friends and calls out toxic behavior. Some said they would also be “canceled” just to be with DisguisedToast if he were to get the boot. 


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