Discord bans pro-Trump “TheDonald” server from its platform

Jessica Scharnagle • January 9, 2021 7:29 pm

Discord has banned “The Donald,” a Discord server that had ties to the /r/The_Donald subreddit, due to recent events in the United States.

The news was first reported by Platformer writer Casey Newton on Twitter. The ban comes just days after a pro-Trump mob breached the doors of the United States Capitol building. The mob was egged on by President Trump. Discord has said that there is no evidence that the “The Donald” server was used to organize any part of the attack. 

Discored banned “The Donald” because of its connections to mob attack

“We have a zero-tolerance policy against hate and violence of any kind on the platform,” Discord said in a statement to The Verge. “While there is no evidence of a server called The Donald being used to organize the Jan 6 riots, Discord decided to ban the entire server today due to its overt connection to an online forum used to incite violence, plan an armed insurrection in the United States, and spread harmful misinformation related to 2020 U.S. election fraud.”

Discord is just one of several popular social media platforms that has taken action against people involved with the riots. Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, and Twitch have all banned or suspended President Trump from their platforms entirely. Those companies are also taking action against people who have posted about being inside the Capitol building during the riot, as well as suspected organizers of the events that occurred that day.

Reddit banned /r/The_Donald after expanding hate speech rules

Reddit banned /r/The_Donald back in June 2020 after the social platform expanded its rules around hate speech more explicitly. Following the ban, most folks from the subreddit fled to Discord in order to keep the conversation going. Reddit also banned the unofficial pro-Trump subreddit /r/donaldtrump on Friday, citing “repeated policy violations in recent days regarding the violence at the US Capitol”.

Trump has been trying to reach out to his followers via his @POTUS Twitter account, but many tweets that he posts get deleted by Twitter due to policy violations.


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