Dignitas V1per: “I like the idea of a 10-man roster.”

By Olivia Richman


Jun 8, 2020

Reading time: 3 min

It’s not too common for LCS teams to have a 10-man roster, but Dignitas is giving it a shot for the Summer Split. 

After a mediocre showing in the Spring Split, Dignitas is looking to have a bigger impact in the summer with a spot at the World Championship on the line. WIN.gg spoke with Omran “V1per” Shoura about his new team and their approach to the upcoming season

How do you feel about being a part of Dignitas for this split? 

V1per: I’m really excited. I like the idea that they’re doing a 10-man roster. It’s pretty nice. All nine of [the other players] are motivated. I like that a lot. I’m just excited for a new environment. 

While seen before in some other regions, the expanded roster is a bit unusual for LCS. Why do you think it’s a good thing to implement? 

It opens up more options for the best fit for the team. A lot of times, players will have a bad week. Now somebody can fill in their shoes. I think it gives more space for people to figure out their issues in that one week.

It’s also cool that Academy players are getting a chance to play in the LCS as well, and really prove themselves. 

How has scrimming been so far? 

It’s been pretty good honestly. We’ve done in-house with both teams. Rosters are going to get announced soon, who is playing LCS and Academy. But I really like everyone. They’re chill and fun to play with. They’re really really motivated. Everyone wants to win. We’re all just working hard, which is what I really like. I can’t wait to show how good we are. 

Is there a shot caller? 

We all equally do that role. Nowadays, for League of Legends, it’s been like that for every team I joined. Everyone gives their options and talks about their position and role and what they want. Everyone else adapts to what that person says. It’s been like that for the past two or three years. It’s been hard to find a main shot caller. Everyone has a voice now. 

What’s the process for picking the starting five in the LCS?

We’re trying to find who synergizes best with each other. Bot lane for example, we’re looking for who works [together as] AD and support. For top, how they can play with mid and jungle. It’s just to see the different combos and who is the best for the team’s environment. We’re trying to figure that out. 

Will you have that same process each week? 

That I’m not sure. I think it will happen every week, depending on if we lose or win. But it’s expected. 

Are you able to say now who is playing LCS and who will start on Academy?

We already made a decision who is playing Academy and LCS. It will be revealed later today or tomorrow. 

What were your goals coming into Dignitas?

They brought me in to have a more aggressive laner to fill in Huni’s shoes. I can fit really well into that, and that’s what I’m aiming for. 

How has practice been? Are you playing in person yet? 

We’re all playing from our rooms still, unfortunately. But it’s been okay, honestly. We can’t complain about it. I live with [a few] of my teammates. It hasn’t been the worst. We’re just lucky to have people to play with right now.


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