Did you know silent jumping in CSGO isn’t really silent?

By Steven Rondina


Jun 1, 2020

Reading time: 2 min

Silent jumping is an important and valuable tool in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. It doesn’t quite live up to its name, though.

100 Thieves coach Chet “ImAPet” Singh discussed this in a short post on Twitter, saying that he’s surprised at how many people are unaware of this nuance:

For CSGO fans that aren’t familiar, silent jumping is a way to jump in place without making a sound upon landing. By crouching, pressing jump, then releasing the crouch button in the air, players can get a slightly higher vantage point without giving away their position through audio clues. 

This is a highly situational tool that isn’t necessarily useful in most circumstances, but can help players watch specific angles from vulnerable locations, such as Dust 2’s catwalk, while standing on the boxes outside the CT spawn. It can also be used in getting a look over the rail cars on Train. It’s even possible to use this mechanic to drop down from certain locations quietly, such as moving from tetris to sandwich on Mirage.

However, while this technique is called “silent jumping” it isn’t actually completely silent. With sound turned high and comms quiet, players can hear a faint sound for each silent jump.

Silent jumping in CSGO not as quiet as it seems

It’s possible that ImAPet was inspired to share the information because one of the pro players on the team he coaches, 100 Thieves, was unaware of this fact. This is obviously valuable information for any skilled CSGO players who have to deal with players silent jumping against them. Knowing that those who use the technique can actually be heard means that it’s worthwhile to try listening for it, especially in certain positions where silent jumping is likely to be used.

This likely won’t be too useful for lower level players, though. In the rare instance that a silver-ranked player hears someone jumping, their teammates yelling “You hear him!” will likely drown out their ability to actually turn that into an advantage.


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