Diamondprox is now a free agent after parting ways with Gambit

Christian Vejvad • October 22, 2020 4:13 pm

The legendary jungler Daniel “DiamondproxReshetnikov has left Gambit Esports after playing for the organization the past four years. 

Diamondprox was a part of the first Gambit lineup back in 2013, when the organization entered League of Legends after picking up the legendary Moscow5 squad. In recent years, he has been dominating the jungle in the LCL and is now looking for new potential opportunities. 

“Today Gambit’s legendary Daniel ‘Diamondprox’ Reshetnikov is leaving our team,” Gambit said in its official statement. “Gambit Hall of Fame member will resume his career as a free agent.”

Together with M5, he dominated the European LoL scene back in 2012 and was considered one of the big favorites going into the 2012 World Championship. The team was knocked out in the semifinals by Taipei Assassins who went on to win the tournament. 

As the EU LCS was introduced, the M5 squad got picked up by Gambit and continued to be a top team in Europe. Unfortunately, they never managed to reach the same level as in Season 2 and the team ended up slowly falling apart in 2014. Diamondprox continued to play in EU LCS though, up until the 2016 EU LCS Spring split. 

The Russian jungler tried his luck in the North American challenger league on Apex Gaming but didn’t find much success. Since then, he has been active as a player in the Russian LCL league, where he has won three trophies and qualified for Worlds two times under Gambit. 

Where could Diamondprox end up now?

Diamondprox achieved legendary status after his dominant performances in the early days of League of Legends. While this happened many years ago, he has been able to keep performing in the LCL. 

He is known as the inventor of “counter jungling,” a strategy where junglers invade the opponent and take away jungle camps. The strategy is very common for junglers today, but in season 2 this was a revolutionary way to play the jungle position. 

Where Diamondprox will end up next is still unknown. The 27-year-old jungler might look for another team in the LCL or even a spot in one of the bigger leagues such as the LEC or LCS. Even though the thought of having Diamondprox back in a major league is exciting, he might not be at the level to compete at such a high level anymore.

Together with Gambit he barely made it to the 2020 World Championship after losing the LCL final to Unicorns of Love. His recent stats are also very solid and his champion pool is nothing to be ashamed of. Making a comeback on the big stage is not impossible, but it’s also a possibility that Diamondprox will look towards coaching roles. 


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