Diablo Immortal open beta is here, this is how to get into it

By Kenneth Williams


May 27, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Diablo Immortal is finally here with an open beta on all platforms, here’s how to get into it.

As part of the release of Diablo Immortal, registered players and pre-order owners are now eligible for a beta test. The test is meant to iron out gameplay issues and bugs before the official launch on June 2022.

For fans of the Diablo franchise, Immortal is a great opportunity to get their fix before the release of Diablo 4. Here’s why the beta is so important and how to join on mobile or PC.

Diablo Immortal immediately became famous after its reveal at Blizzcon 2018, but not for the best reasons. After lukewarm reception towards its mobile focus, a Blizzard developer brazenly asked the crowd “Don’t you guys have phones?”.

The game has slowly revealed more info since then including a release date trailer in April 2022. Now fans can finally get the first taste of Diablo Immortal in a free early test. If it’s good, it will help undo some of the fan ire surrounding Activision Blizzard.

How to join the Diablo Immortal open beta

The free Diablo Immortal open beta is available on iOS and Android mobile devices as well as PC. 

To join the mobile betas, players need to register for a spot on their preferred platform. iPhone users can register their information on the App Store page for Diablo Immortal. The open beta can be joined on Android by pre-registering on the Google Play Store. The game is rated Mature, so Diablo fans under 18 won’t be able to access the beta.

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To sign up for the Diablo Immortal beta on PC, players must download the Battle.net launcher from Activision Blizzard. From there, it’s as simple as downloading the game and opening it up.

Beta players can access the entire game for free. PC players will also automatically update to the full version when it comes out on June 2. The PC version of Diablo Immortal demands 30 gigabytes of hard drive space, so make sure to have enough room before installing.


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