Diablo 4 Megan Fox

Diablo 4 players are dying for Megan Fox to notice them

By Olivia Richman


Jun 7, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

The new Diablo 4 marketing strategy featuring Megan Fox is getting gamers heated — but not in the way you think.

Diablo 4 is celebrating its launch by acknowledging just how difficult the game is. On Twitter, players are encouraged to share their most brutal in-game death with the hashtag #DiabloDeaths. The most entertaining and shocking ones will have their eulogy read by Megan Fox.

The promotional Twitter post was making more than the game hard. It featured Megan Fox in a sultry black dress staring seductively into the camera, an eerie candle-lit graveyard behind her. She says: “If there’s one thing I love, it’s the sight of blood. And in Diablo 4, there are rivers of it.”

Will you go out like a hero or a chump?

Diablo 4 applauded for Megan Fox marketing

It seemed like just a few months ago when Megan Fox was under fire for her strange relationship with Machine Gun Kelly. But that’s apparently blood under the bridge. Now, the Diablo 4 community is thirsting for Megan Fox once again.

The Twitter campaign featuring Fox has been well-received by fans, with some stating that they are glad to see “sexy hot women” back in video game marketing. Another said the “target demographic has been hit.” Other gamers pledged to kill off their character in hopes of getting noticed by Fox, with one man admitting to researching “how to die on purpose.”

While Blizzard has been having a rough go of things thanks to its unpopular Overwatch 2 decisions and problematic workplace, the simple #DiabloDeaths campaign has given them a big W from gamers. The throwback to retro marketing and Fox’s sex appeal are proving to be quite powerful — and some are even buying Diablo 4 due to the advertisement alone.

So what are you waiting for? Kill off your character in Diablo 4, already. Fox is waiting.