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Development of online play, sports, and gaming comes together in Canada

By William Davis


Mar 6, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

As more and more leisure activities shift online around the globe, that trend has begun to hit Canada in earnest, creating many new opportunities for Canadians looking to game online.

Gaming has long been a developing hobbyist trend around the world, and that certainly includes Canada. Some of the world’s biggest and most prestigious game development studios have been based in Canada. Bioware was famously founded in Edmonton, Alberta before being purchased by Electronic Arts, and today, Ubisoft has a large studio based in Montreal, Quebec.

At the same time, the gambling industry has seen an explosion of growth. Much of this is owed to the development and proliferation of the broader internet. The extension of the internet around the globe has created many opportunities for businesses, including this in the gaming and casino industry.

A big part of that development has been centered around sports betting. Sports have long staked a claim as a central part of international culture, and that again includes Canada. Many professional sports thrive in Canada. While the country is most famous for its love of ice hockey, there is also great appreciation for professional basketball, baseball, football, and soccer, in addition to individual sports such as golf and tennis. This has made Canada a natural fit for sports betting.

With sports betting opportunities being created online, and the further advancement of the gaming industry in Canada, it became clear that there was great business to be done in the country if legal hurdles could be cleared.

Now, Canada has officially legalized online sports betting. As far as where to bet, there are many options for interested players looking to participate in an online casino Canada. Picking among those options is now the only major hurdle to clear, representing a huge difference compared to just a few short years ago.

As big as that difference now is, it should come as no surprise. The development of gaming markets, the continued prominence of sports, and the legalization of sports betting have all combined to create a great opportunity in Canada for betting companies. Now, we are seeing those opportunities brought to fruition.


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